Part 4: Stairway to Lust

Friday, November 12, 2010

By: JoshX
I'm a happily married bisexual guy with a daughter and a son. My fondness in writing is a means of an escape to a wonderful and colorful world of bisexual men.

I walk beside Harold. I glance at my watch it was already half past midnight. The bulk volume of people during daytime as well as the passing vehicles is missing along the length of the national highway which we were walking. Only a few individuals that might have came out of work and now going to their respective homes and some street vendors selling assorted candies and different brands of cigarettes. I felt sorry for them that they have to be on the street even after midnight just to sell and have a scarce income. I don’t know what future the government has for them…maybe nothing.

Harold stops on one vendor and bought Marlboro Lights and mint flavored candies.

He offered me a stick but I told him I don’t smoke so I get a piece of mint candy instead.

“Are you gay?” I asked him.

He smiled then answered, “Nope.”

I looked at him closely trying to weigh the sincerity in his answer but I could not decide for myself. “If you are not, then how come--?”

Harold answered without looking at my eyes. His gaze is nailed on the cemented road. “Let’s just put it this way. Tripping only. Maybe I’m a tripper and I want being sucked and given a blow job. I am the joy in every gay man’s fantasy. How about you? Are you gay?”

I was stunned in silence with the frankness of the question but I manage to answer. “Nope. I’m more of a bisexual, a bimale.”

A couple of minutes later, we were already walking along side of Pasig river. The new moon in the star laden sky gives a faint light in addition to the high pressure sodium street lamps a few meters away.

We took a seat on the uppermost steps of the stairs going down to the river which during daytime many people were sitting with hooks for fishing. He lit his cigarette, sip from the filter then puff its smoke in the air. He looked around for the presence of people that might see our sexcapade. He stretches his right knee down to the stair steps so I could have a better eye view of his cock which is now starting to grow inside his pants. I was about to grab it when I noticed an approaching Barangay Policeman that I signaled to Harold.

He gave an exasperating sigh. “Shit. Fuck this tanods.”

We left the stairways and headed eastward still alongside the river but each part of the park-like riverbanks has its barangay tanods stationed as if somehow the local government has its sincerity of maintaining peace and order of the city.

After more than a kilometer of walk and still haven't seen the right place to do 'it', Harold in disappointment said, " I know of a place but it will be a long walk from here."

I looked at my watch and it was a quarter past 1AM. I nodded at him in agreement and added an enticing smile.

It was really a long walk with the number of buildings and houses we passed by and after a while I already felt weakening of my feet. “Aren’t we there yet?”

“Just a right turn on the next street and another two-hundred-meter walk and we’re there. Don’t worry,“ Harold said, his eyes glimmer with the strike of the light of the approaching meralco post, “ you won’t regret walking this far.”

He was telling the truth, I guess as I looked from his eyes down to his bulging manhood inside his short pants…


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