Part 3: Guy Named Harold

Friday, November 12, 2010

By: JoshX
I'm a happily married bisexual guy with a daughter and a son. My fondness in writing is a means of an escape to a wonderful and colorful world of bisexual men.

The light coming from the approaching jeepney striking the waiting shade made the guy turns his back and acts as if taking a pee to hide his huge cock from the passengers of the passing vehicle.

I went beside him as soon as the vehicle is already a few meters away from us. The clean and invigorating scent of Cool Water perfume flare on my nostrils. The lighter illumination from a nearby meralco post helps me see him better as he went in front of me with his pants already zip up. He was about five feet seven inches in height. His white stretchable shirt fits his well formed body like a second skin highlighting the curves of his muscles and flat abdomen revealing fine hairs on his upper chest. His maroon colored cargo pants are below the knee paired with black Oakley sandals.

He was good looking. Army cut inspired black hair, squared jaw with thin lips, well chiseled nose and shining black eyes with thin eyebrows.

“I’m Harold,” he said enigmatically extending his right hand, the one he used in stroking his manhood.

I took his hand feeling on my palm the remnants of his stroking as if through it I’m already holding his cock. “I’m Joshua. Joshua Theodore. Call me Josh for short,” I introduce myself slightly pressing his hand giving initial signs for a possible sexual encounter. His hand is firm, very manly with rough surface on its palm as compared to the softness of mine. Oftentimes other girls are telling me that my hands are more feminine than theirs which is really true.

“Do you want me?” he asked without ado.

I felt drumming of my heart inside my rib cage, a mix emotion of excitement and lust went through me. Slowly I felt the usual tightening of my crotch. A little shame I said, “Sort of--.”

“Are you a pro?”


Harold twitches a smile. “I said are you a pro? An experienced cocksucker?”

I felt heat started from my soles coming up to my body and face. I was blushing at the same time the obscene word he uses is triggering carnal desires within me.

I forced a seducing smile. “Not that much.”


“I’m not used to being a bottom.”

“You prefer on top?”

“Yup. But I could go versa…”

Harold gave a slight frown as if he did not get the word.

To make myself clear I said, ”Versatile on some instances. I could be either, whichever you prefer.” Frankly speaking I like this guy, he’s my type so I’m ready to be bottom for him.

“This is huge,” he said holding his manhood with his right hand making its shape prominent in the maroon colored pants he’s wearing. “Do you think you can manage all of it?”

“I’ll try,” I replied hesitantly as I remember a few minutes ago how huge his cock was in the air. “Wanna check in? Sogo?” I was referring to a Hotel name.

Harold insolently shook his head. “These places sucks! They don’t turn me on.”

“Do you have a place then?” I asked him.

“I have but--,” again he shook his head. “We cannot do it there”

I grimace and look intently at him. “Any idea where?”

“I like it wild…even wilder.”

“And what do you have in mind?”

Harold in a low voice replied, “We’ll do it there,” pointing his finger along the Pasig riverbanks. “We’ll do it quick.”

I was excited at first thinking about having sex along side the river then fear replace it. What if we are caught by Barangay policemen roving around? What a shame if we will be detained in the barangay hall for public scandal?

I was silent for half a minute thinking about his wanted place then asked him, “Have you made it there with another guy?”


“Were’nt you caught?” I asked him uneasily.

“Nope. We did it somewhere darker where nobody would notice us.”

“I’m afraid. Don’t you?”

Harold shook his head and widened his smile. “Having sex in the wildest possible place is very satisfying especially the feeling of being caught and be jailed while doing it.” He gave a devilish grin.

This guy is much like an exhibitionist. He’s weird but I like it and most importantly I love the huge bulge in his pants. “Ok then, let’s try it.”


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