The Last Kiss (Chapter 12)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Chapter 12

My Savior

The Last Kiss (Chapter 11)<— CLiCK THiS to READ THE CHAPTER 11

“Perfect,” I moaned as I looked at my watch.
This Friday was one of the ugliest days in my life. First, I’d bumped into Seth and got oil washed all over me. Second, Seth splashed a soda on my face when he opened it, and claimed that it was just an accident, which, of course, I wouldn’t buy ever. And lastly, because of Seth, I got myself into detention for yelling and throwing Kleenex at Mr. Yeah, I know I’m the one who did those, but still.
And now, my car was gone. It probably went home already. Jeez. I knew Arielle stole it again. My only possible transport was the guy I’ve been avoiding the whole day who was now pulling out of CH parking lot. The last thing I wanted was to get myself bitten off─ again.
Once again, I scanned the parking lot, hoping I’d see a potential transporter because I’m so not riding Seth’s car. But as my sight traveled the whole lot, I was disappointed. No one could ride me home but Seth’s that was revving in the driveway.
I walked confidently as possible, Seth’s car behind me. I could use a little pride, you know. I pretended to be texting when he finally overtook me.
“Hi,” he said.
I turned and looked at him through his rolled down passenger-side window.
“Hey,” I said, and started walking off again.
“Need a ride?” he got out of his car and leaned his arms on its roof. “I saw Arielle left a while ago with your car.”
I surveyed him in silence for a moment, thinking whether I should take or leave his offer.What if he’ll get me into a huge car accident this time? Jeez. I still wanted to live.
“Come on. I just wanted to get even with you. You know . . . after all those oils, and soda and detention you got because of me.” He smiled apologetically.
“Wow! Just wow!” I clapped my hands, slowly yet loudly. “I’m so glad you’ve finally realized it was your entire fault.”
“No,” he countered. “They were not my fault. They’re all accidents. Maybe I’m the reason but still. Plainly accidents, ‘kay?”
I was about to take his offer when I heard a Mustang engine revving in the driveway. I sighed in relief. It was Rolf. Maybe I could ask him to give me a ride home.
He stopped near Seth’s car, and then poked his head out of the window.
“Hi.” He flashed me that smile that was filled with friendliness. But it made my scalp tingle. “Arielle took your car. He asked me to give you a ride home.”
“Oh, definitely!” I started walking towards his car. “I’m glad you came because some jerk was offering me a ride home.” I said, loud enough for Seth to hear.
“Goodman it, Rile! I am a jerk now? Look, I was trying to be nice to you. And if you don’t want it, then fine!” He said angrily, got inside his car and slammed the door very hard.
He went away at extremely high speed I was scared he’d knock into me.
I turned to Rolf and shrugged. He shook his head and smiled.
“Thanks,” I walked around his car and onto the passenger side. I pulled at the door handle once, twice. It didn’t open.
Rolf leaned over with a grin and easily popped the door open. “Hop in.’
“Oh, thanks,” I climbed in and slammed the door. “This has been the worst day of my─”
I turned towards him at the exact moment he twisted his torso around to glance behind us. My nose was practically touching the center of his chest. I pushed myself back into my seat, but not before smelling his light but distinctly citrusy scent.
“Worst day?” Rolf asked as he shifted his gears.
“Never mind.” I said.
He leaned over to turn the radio dial, and as he withdrew his arm, it brushed against my knee. Suddenly, a vivid dream flashed on my mind. It was like yesterday when he came down the beach and found me there so lonely. What made it different from reality is that, there had been lips and hands and fingertips involved. That was why I didn’t want to wake up but my alarm clock kept on ringing, pulling me out of the Utopia.
What am I thinking? Get a grip, Greswode! Why are you thinking like this? Jeez. I forced my eyes to stare straight ahead. We were now heading downtown.
Maybe I got a crush on him. I pressed my palm on my chest. My heart beats fast. It’s not as wild when I’m with Lance. But still. I inhaled and exhaled, trying to calm myself.
Yes, I got a crush on him. I glanced down at his fingers, wrapped around the gearshift. I almost reached out and placed my hand over his just to see how it felt. But I looked out the window instead.
“How was your day?” he asked, interrupting my internal babbling. “I bet you’ve been through a lot today.” He laughed lightly.
“Yeah, right,” I looked into his eyes. “Well, thanks to Seth,” I said sarcastically and shrugged. “He made my day real perfect.” I rolled my eyes.
“Have you been crying?” his brows merged together as he looked me into the eyes. I remembered the scene between me and Lance inside the detention room. I almost said yes, but managed to hold the words before they come out of my mouth.
“No,” I shook my head. “Hey! Keep your eyes focus on the road. I don’t wanna die yet.” I chortled lamely.
He shifted his gaze from me to the road.
“Have you heard the story of the elephant and the mouse?” he asked.
“No,” I answered. “Will you tell me?”
“Sure,” he smiled. “The story goes like this. One day, a mouse told the elephant, ‘Elephant, I am pregnant and you’re the father.’ Upon hearing this, the elephant was shocked that he collapsed. The next day, they went to a doctor for a test. Then the elephant happily whispered something into the ear of the mouse. Then the mouse was so shocked that she collapsed.” He turned to me. “Do you know what the elephant whispered?”
I raised my brow as if I was thinking. “No?”
He chuckled. “What the elephant whispered was, ‘Yes, I am the father. And our babies are twin; twin elephants’.”
Upon hearing this, I burst out laughing my stomach hurt. I smacked him lightly on the shoulder as I held my chest. “That was just so funny, Rolfy!”
“You like it?”
“Supah like,” I winked at him.
“You wanna hear it again?”
“Hear what?” I rubbed the tears of joy out of my eyes. “The elephant and the mouse?”
“For what?” I frowned.
“So that you’ll laugh. I want to hear you laughing.” He grinned at me. “You snort like a pig.”
“No I don’t.” I crossed my arms on my chest as I leaned by the window. “What’s the point of retelling it? You can’t laugh with the same joke over and over again.”
“I know,” he said, and I turned to him with a questioning look. “But why do we keep on crying with the same thing, or person, over and over again, Rile?” he said in a voice that was almost a whisper. And I could sense a deep pain on it that was waiting and wanting to surface. “Why, Rile?”
I sat there silently staring at the seemingly endless road ahead of us, taking in what he’d just said. Suddenly remembering the times I cried over and over again. For a lost love. For Lance.
“You okay?” he asked cautiously.
“Yeah,” I said in a broken whisper. I cleared my throat. “I’m okay.” I smiled, attempting a light, breezy expression.
“You want to go out for a hamburger?”
“Sure.” I said.
“How about the Red Tongue?”
“Okay. Fine with me.”
Then there was silence for a minute or two.
“How are things going on with Lance?” he asked when we stopped at a light.
I didn’t answer. I just shrugged my shoulders.
“The trick is not to let him see you’re affected. Just smile. Walk with your nose high until it scrapes the ceiling.” He laughed.
“Woah! That was one bloody advise.” I laughed. “I think I’m gonna right that on my to-do list.”
Then we drove a little bit in silence.
We pulled in to the parking lot of the Red Tongue. Rolf got out of the car first to open my door, but I was already standing outside. He did manage to hold open the glass door of the restaurant for me, though, and watched as I passed through. I hoped the other diners didn’t notice because that’s just awkward. I mean, I’m not into PDA. Well, if you count that act an ‘affection’. I didn’t know. But that was just plainly awkward.
We settled into a booth overlooking the parking lot, and Rolf ordered us both burgers, cokes, and a side of French fries to share.
“What street do you live?” I asked.
“East Sixty. Why?”
“Just wondering.”
The waitress brought our foods and we both began to eat. I took small bites, chewed and swallowed as silently as I could, dabbed my mouth daintily to make sure there were no crumbs and mayo. I was careful to alternate my reach for fries with his, one to one, giving his fingers ample time to retreat.
“Do you have a girlfriend right now?” I asked as I took a tissue from the table.
“Did. She dumped me for another guy.” He shrugged his shoulders.
“Oh, I’m sorry.”
“That’s fine,” he took a big bite on his burger, leaving a crescent shape on it. “I’m moving on.”
“And by that, you mean, you still love her?”
He paused for a while before nodding his head slowly.
“It’s her loss. You’re a nice guy. Ideal boyfriend. I bet it’s turning her nuts realizing what she’d lost.”
“I doubt that. She’s happy now. And I’m happy for her.”
“Please. That’s a bull.” I waved my hand in front of me. “Of course you aren’t happy for her. Because when you haven’t let go yet, you could only feel pain and nothing more. Pain. Even me. No matter how much I try to be happy for him, I just can’t.”
“We’re the same, eh?”
“Definitely! And let’s drink to that!” I raised my glass of coke and he did the same.
We tossed and laughed, loud enough for the heads of the other diners to turn our way.
Rolf deposited the last of his burger into his mouth. “We might as well work hand in hand in nursing our broken hearts,” he chuckled.
I wasn’t quite sure what he meant, but I agreed anyway.
“Come on. I’d better give you a lift to your home.” He took the sole, remaining fry, swirled it in catsup, bit off half and offered the other half to me.
“Fair is fair,” he said, smiling.
I took it through my mouth, my lips brushing against his fingers.
He threw his arm over me, and together we went back to his car, laughing.


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