The Last Kiss (Chapter 9)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Chapter 9

Bad Luck Really!



In the cafeteria, I got off the loading line with a salad and three slices of pizza on my tray. I really am hungry. What with all those cleanings of the mess I and Seth did, and after hearing Mrs. Pascal’s punishment, I’d really do with a big meal for lunch. We have to raise money, maybe, to replace the bags of oil? And guess what? I’m gonna work with Seth. I wonder why other people really love seeing me suffering.

I balanced my tray on my left hand and brushed my messy wet hair with my fingers. I’d just taken a bath. What with all those oil bathe all over me. That was when I saw Seth behind me.

I started off; he’s right behind me. He’s wearing his red and white jacket which bore the wildcat logo of the school on the left chest. And on its back were the letters C and H. I knew that even if he doesn’t turn his back on me. I knew that because Lance also had a jacket like that one. They were both members of the school’s basketball team.

“Hey” he said from behind me. I turned. His wet blonde hair, pretty face, straight nose, and blue eyes were seemed gleaming from within.

“Hey” I retorted.

“So where do we sit down?”

“We?” I raised an eyebrow at him. “I’m sooo not sitting with you. Bad luck’s lurking around when I’m with you.”

I started walking. And he followed me like a puppy.

“Aren’t we going to talk about what should be our plan for raising money?”

“No!” I snapped. “Maybe . . . later!”


“Please. Just please leave me alone just this moment, ‘kay?”

“I’ll have a practice later.”

“Tomorrow, then.”

My usual table was now sliding towards me. Seated already; Arielle and Kirsten, and Rolf also, who all looked up then gawked. Who am I bringing with me? Arielle was opening a soda. She broke in mid-action; the soda bubbled through the half-open tab.

“Mrs. Pascal wants to hear our plan tomorrow.”

“Just go,” I said. “Hey guys!” I sat right next to Arielle.

Then Seth slid his tray on the table and sat right next to Rolf, opposite me. “Okay, we’ll talk here. I should’ve known that you just wanted to lead me here.”

“What?” I shot a look at him. “Are you impaired now? I said go away.”

“You know, you two could make good friends if you stop spatting with each other,” Kirsten broke a piece of bread and put it in her mouth.

“I agree with you, Ms. Knelling.” Mrs. Pascal appeared behind me. “You two, you’re not kids anymore. Stop baffling. I want to hear your plan tomorrow at nine. I’ll be in my office.”

Then just like that. She sprinted away.

“See?” Seth giggled in success.

“What plan is she talking about?” Arielle asked, motioning towards Mrs. Pascal who was now standing by the doorway, talking to a student who I recognized was Samantha, from my Trig class.

I glanced at Seth who’s now shaking hands with Rolf and saying “Good to know you, man!”.

I bit my lip.

“Mrs. Pascal wants us to raise money for like . . . god-only-knows how much! Probably to replace the bags of oil. She won’t tell.” I rolled my eyes.

“So what you gonna do?” I glanced at Rolf who took a big bite from his burger.

“Hey, Seth!” Arielle pointed her fork at him. “You bake, right?”

“Well, yeah?” he shrugged.

“Why don’t you just bake cupcakes and sell them. Like that one you bake for every hot chick her in school last Valentine in exchange of a kiss. That’s so crazy off you.” Seth blushed. “Oh, anyway! I love that cupcake I didn’t want to eat it.” Then she turned to me and I looked down, knowing what she’ll gonna say. “Too bad Riley liked it, and ate it!”

Seth then turned to me and laughed, “You did?”

“No and Yes!” I answered. “No, I don’t like it. But yes, I did eat it!”

“Oh!” he laughed again. “I can’t remember you’d given me any kiss.”

“And what do you think if I smack that pizza of yours all over your face?”

“Jeez!” he frowned. “Seriously, Rile. Can’t you have a little sense of humor?” He paralleled his thumb and index finger. “At least just like this?”

“I used to have it.” I extended my arms and snorted. “It’s as big as this actually. But when I met you, it was all gone.”

“Where have it gone?”

“Okay. That’s enough kids!” Kirsten waved her hands in front of us.

I released a heavy sigh and then bit my lip.

“That’s a cool idea, really.” I said and turned to Seth who was grinning. Utter jerk! “Can you do that?”

“Sure” he sounded so amused of himself. “For you I can!”


“You might as well sell coffees and hot chocos and cappuccino also. We can borrow chairs and tables and it would be kinda like a café. That sure would help you sell cupcakes easily.” Kirsten said, wiping her mouth with a tissue for crumbs.

“That’s a bright idea!” Rolf agreed. I looked at him and our eyes met. We smiled to each other. “I’d love to help.”

“Me, too,” Arielle said.

“Ditto!” Kirsten giggled.

“Well, thank you guys. But you really don’t need to…” I was babbling and Seth cut me off as he said, “Cool! That’s so nice of you. Thanks!” Then he turned to me and waggled his brows.

I rolled my eyes at him. “So, we’re done in here. You can go and kill yourself now.”

“Oh! You still need me, Rile!”

“Rile!” Arielle snapped at me. “You’re so rude. Let him eat lunch with us.”

Arielle cut a piece of cake on her plate, forked it, and brought it to Seth’s mouth, who was so amused and mouthed something that sounds like hmmm, yummy, darling!

I looked down to my tray and smiled. I took a pizza with my hand, brought it to my mouth and stopped. Rolf was staring at me, and then he smiled warmly, gently and sweetly. Oh, he sure was pretty.

I suppressed a smile while nibbling, getting conscious.

“Let’s have a toast for that!” Arielle declared, raising her can of soda.

“Oops! Sorry. I haven’t got myself a soda.” I shrugged.

“You can have mine, Rile,” Seth offered. He reached for his soda but accidentally pushed it aside. It fell on the floor and rolled under the table.

He bent and picked it up.

“Sorry,” he smiled at me weakly.

I suddenly found myself smiling at him but was glad because he was not looking for he was about to open his can of soda.

“Do not. . .” I yelled but was too late. The soda burst out and spilled all over my face. “… open it yet.” I continued in a broken whisper.

I bit my lip, stunned.

“Oops!” Seth bit his lower lip. “Maybe you’re right. Bad luck’s really lurking around.”

I stared at him and I know I looked like I was about to eat him alive and whole.

“Hell, no.” Seth said in a whisper.



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