The Last Kiss (Chapter 4)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Last Kiss [Chapter 3]. <—- CLiCK THiS to READ THE CHAPTER 2

Kirsten and Arielle helped me to bring Lance upstairs, to my bedroom, and onto my bed. We struggled in taking every step as we tried to balance his weight on our shoulders at the same time. I sighed in relief as we already passed the stairs. Arielle opened my room, ran to the bed and patted its mattress. And we lied Lance carefully on it.
“Wew!” Kirsten released a heavy sigh, rubbing an imaginary sweat out on her forehead. “This guy will gonna pay.”
I watched Lance as he sleeps peacefully on my bed. His chest went up and down as he took every breath. His hands rested on his sides, like he’s in a coffin. I laughed at myself. He’s probably the hottest dead on Earth.
I looked at his close eyes and luscious eyelashes that were almost touching his cheeks, deciding whether I should sleep or spend the remainder of the night just sitting and watching him. I wondered if I ever get use of his devastatingly handsome figure – his smooth olive skin, brown shiny hair, and lean sculpted body. I was wondering what the taste of his lips is. Oh! The thought of it makes me smile.
I was snapped back into the present when Arielle clicked his middle finger and thumb in front of my face. It’s like I was being freed from a hypnotic power that lulled me into a fantasy.
“Oh-huh!” she tsked. “You’re planning something aren’t you? I could tell it through your face.”
“What’s that mouth-gaping-open thing all about, huh, Riley?” Kirsten laughed at me. She picked a pillow which lied beside Lance and threw it on me. Before it could even land on my face, I caught it with my hands. I pulled it against my chest, wrapping my arms around it tightly and burying my mouth and nose to its softness.
“Hope I can stop myself.” I smiled teasingly.
“Shut up.” Kirsten laughed. “Don’t you ever think of doin’ that… thing on your mind. Gosh, Riley!”
“Whaaaat”, I laughed out loud, and then hushed myself, covering my mouth when I saw Lance moved. “I just sleep-” I motioned to the couch behind me. “-here on the couch.”
“Just make sure of it.” Arielle said.
“Mom!” I shouted when I saw my mom peering through the door, warning the girls not to press the topic anymore.
“Girls, time to go home.” Mom said, poking her head inside. Although her eyes were red and tired, her voice was still vivacious. She leaned on the doorjamb and added, “Your moms called.”
“Bye, girls!” I peeked into their cheeks.
They were making their way to the door when Arielle turned around to face me and said teasingly, “Take care of our friend, Rile.”

I shot them a look and made a gesture of throwing the pillow onto her. They burst out laughing.
Few minutes after mom’s car pulled out into the driveway, I was rubbing a wet damp cloth on Lance’s face. I don’t know why but when I’m doing that, I found myself unable to stop smiling. My heart was pounding very fast. It maybe went somersaulting. I didn’t know.
I traced my fingers to his nose, down to his lips and lingered on the cleft of his chin. I unbuttoned his shirt and began running the wet cloth on his bare chest. I tried to pinch myself to make sure I’m not just dreaming. This was so good to be true. I still can’t believe that this campus heartthrob was sleeping here in my serene den, making its atmosphere filled with romance.
I felt an undeniable longing and urge to press my lips against his. It’s seemed like there’s an energy that draws me to him. Before I could even stop myself, I was beginning to lower my head to his face. Despite of the protest of my mind, my body just won’t obey. My face was just an inch away from his, and I felt his warm breath washing my face. I closed my eyes, breathe deeply, and then moved closer until my lips met his.
My heart was hammering so loudly in my chest it seemed to be drowning all the sounds. His lips felt incredibly warm. I pressed my lips even harder, breathing him in. Hoping to imprint his scent, his taste and the feel of his warm lips against mine. Wanting to carry the memory of this first kiss.
I was about to pull away when his arms went around me, drawing me against his bare chest. My eyes shot open in shock. I closed them again as his lips played with mine. I parted my lips and he explored the inside of my mouth with his tongue. I caught his bottom lip between my teeth, and traced it with my tongue.
The heat of his body, specifically on his chest, was incredibly seductive. As I nibbled on his lips, I could feel his breathing grew deeper. He released a muffled moan as he slid his hand to my lower back while the other was on my waist.
Eventually, I found myself reaching down, taking his hand out of my waist. I pulled away from him, gasping for my breath. I looked at him momentarily as he took a deep breath and released it. He rolled onto his back and continued his altered dreams. I wondered if his awake or not. But I certainly hope he’s not.
The loud thumping of my heart echoed to my ears. It beats fast, seemed wanting to jump out of my chest when I heard my mom making her way up the stairs. I didn’t even hear her pulling into the garage. I was really carried away. The kiss was lulling me into another dimension where romance filled the air.
I ran frantically around my bed, covering Lance with my comforter to hide his bare chest. I put the little bucket of cold water and the damp cloth under the bed. I went to the couch half-running, lied there and pretended to be asleep.
“You still up?” She poked her head inside. And when I didn’t answer, she slowly closed the door. I heard her steps falter as she went to her bedroom.
I sighed in relief and laughed silently. I wrapped my arms around my SpongeBob pillow which covers half of my face. I looked at Lance, with his back turned onto me. I touched my lips with my fingers, remembering the softness and the sweet taste of his lips. I mean, yes, he tasted and smelled alcohol. But, gosh, that kiss was still sweet.
Would he remember this in the morning? I thought. I certainly hoped he wouldn’t. It’s just that, I didn’t know how to face him.
I looked outside the open window. It was still dark, but I could see that a pale hint of dawn was beginning to push the night away. The moon was still shining brightly. It sent silver light that was washing everything in my room in a surrealistic glow. The cold wind blew in and the curtains billowed like waves. The sound of the wind lulled me into a surprisingly deep sleep with a smile on my face.


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