Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mr. Hewlett wasn’t inside yet, no wonder why the class was very noisy. The boys were throwing crumpled papers to one another, the girls were gossiping, others were laughing, some were singing, making a concert inside the classroom.
I sat down on my seat and dropped my bag on the floor. Kirsten was on my left side. I let my gaze traveled around the room, wishing that Mr. Hewlett would be here sooner so that they’ll all shut up. The noise was really irritating. I covered my ears and rolled my eyes. I glanced at Kirsten who busied herself in texting. I could tell that it was her boyfriend she’s texting as I scrutinize her face; smiling, giggling, and if she’s a cartoon character, I really am sure her eyes would turn to hearts. I just sighed.
Behind me, James Conelly was absorbed by the book he’s reading, not minding the flying crumpled papers passing in front of him. His big round glasses was twitched on the other side, and he’s hair was gelled flat on his scalp, as usual.
“What are you readin’?” I asked him, raising my voice to win over the noise. He looked up to me and moved his book on the edge of his desk, letting me read the text.
“Christoper Columbus”, I read. “We’ll have a quiz?”
He shook his head. That was good, because I didn’t study. I sighed in relief. I looked into my watch, wondering where the hell Mr. Hewlett was. The moment i turned to the door, he walked in and shouted, “Silence! Seat, everyone! I want to see you all in your seats!”
The flying crumpled papers and the noise had gone. Everyone went back to their seats.
“Mr. Devlin, please get in”, Mr. Hewlett called, and we all turned to the door. A guy walked in, and I heard Holly and Grazia giggled and muttered, “Omigod! Who is he? He’s soooo cute.” Their gaze didn’t dart away from the guy as he walked to the front of the room.
Mr. Hewlett stood behind the new guy, his hands rested on each of his shoulder. “This is Rolf Devlin, your new classmate.” Rolf smiled, and Mr. Hewlett continued. “He’s a transferee from Crestmount High.”
“Hi Rolf”, Grazia giggled. “You can sit here.”
She motioned on the seat where Holly was seated. Holly frowned and said, “Excuse me?”
“Just transfer at the back”, Grazia muttered to her.
“Why not you?” Holly fumed.
“Enough, girls.” Mr. Hewlett cut them off. Rolf seemed please. “You sit there, Mr. Devlin, on the vacant seat …” Mr. Hewlett motioned towards the empty seat on my right side. “… right next to Mr. Greswode.”
Rolf walked across the room, smiling as he glanced at Holly and Grazia who were suppressing their giggles. He smiled at me also as he sat on his seat. I smiled back and then looked away.
“Open your books on page 178”, Mr. Hewlett called, facing the whiteboard and writing something on it. I grabbed my bag on the floor and retrieved my book. On my right side I could feel the weight of Rolf’s stare. I watched him through the corner of my eyes as he moved carrying his chair nearer to mine.
“Mind if I share?” he flashed a smile revealing perfect white teeth. I stared at him, taking in his navy blue eyes, tanned skin and blond tousled hair. Despite his good looks and friendliness, the reply that formed in my head was I-don’t-want-to-share-my-book-to-you. I was glad it didn’t came out from my mouth immediately because it’s kinda rude. So instead I replied, “Sure.”
“Thanks. That’s so nice of you.” He smiled, and then eyes darted to the book.
“I can’t refuse. You already moved your chair nearer”, I said as I moved my book on the edge of my desk. “It’s kinda rude if I say I don’t want to share my book to you, and you’ll carry your chair back on your place.” I added laughingly. But there’s a hint of truth to my words.
We laughed, unlike his, mine was forced. I didn’t know why I seemed not to like him. I pressed my lips together, fighting the urge to roll my eyes.
“What’s your name?” he asked again.
“Riley”, I took a deep breath as I watched him extending his hand on me. I grabbed and shook it. “Riley Greswode.”
I heard Kirsten teasing me on my back, so I turned and shot her a look. Holly and Grazia were throwing mocks at me.
Finally, Mr. Hewlett began his discussion. I was mentally sighing in relief, because it made Rolf stopped talking. I didn’t know why I feel like he’s a disturbance.
When the second period bell rang, I immediately stood from my desk and slung my bag over my shoulder. I left my book on my desk because Rolf asked he’d borrow it. I headed to the door with Kirsten behind me.
“Hey Riley!” Rolf called, and so I halted. I rolled my eyes before turning to him. “What’s your next subject?”
“English Lit”, I answered, using my upbeat friendly voice.
“Oh!” he tsked. “Mine was Arts. We aren’t classmates.”
“Aw, that’s good”, I said and regretted that the words came out from my mouth so fast before I can even stop it. I glanced at Kirsten who was clearly horrified by what I just said. So, I immediately added, “That’s a very good subject. I like Arts.”
Kirsten sighed and rolled her eyes.
“Hi”. He turned to Kirsten. He extended his hand on her and said, “Rolf.”
“Kirsten”, she said while shaking his hand.
“Oh, that’s a beautiful name”, he planted a kiss on Kirsten’s hand. She blushed. “Very compatible for a beautiful girl like you.”
“Bye, Rolf!” I said and grabbed Kirsten’s arms, dashing out of the door.
“See you in other subjects”, he called.
We walked fast in the corridor. Kirsten was laughing.
“He’s cute”, she said. I just rolled my eyes and grabbed her towards our English Lit class.
When the fourth-period bell rang, I immediately put my books inside my bag. I growled when my pen was missing. I knelt on the floor and looked under my chair, and the other chairs.
“You lookin’ for this?” a familiar voice called. I knew that voice. I love that voice, especially when it whispers sweet words to my ears before.
I looked up to see Lance standing in front of me, my pen held in his right hand. He extended his other hand at me. I grabbed it and he pulled me, helping me to get up. The moment our hands touched, electricity ran through my body. My body warmed and my pulse quickens.
I stood there foolishly in front of him. Then I grabbed my pen out of his hand and muttered, “Thanks.” I swallowed hard and pressed my lips hard. I struggled to flash a smile and succeeded. He smiled back.
Before I can say anything that would make me looks foolish, I slung my bag over my shoulder and went half-running to the door without looking back at him. The moment I was walking in the corridor, heading to the locker room, I shrugged off his lingering energy that makes me feel that I badly wanted him back; despite of every pain he caused me.
I unlocked my locker and tossed a pile of books inside, and then closed it. I turned when Lance came inside the room. We held our gaze for several seconds before he looked away, and went to his locker beside mine. I watched him as he unlocked it and searched something inside.
“I miss you”, I mumbled stupidly. The words came out from my mouth before I could even stop myself. He froze, without even turning to face me. I swallowed hard and pressed my lips together, wanting to vanish into the thin air. I really am a fool. I felt my eyes stinging. I just laughed and shook my head. I wiped my tears that was running on my cheeks and said, “I’m sorry. This is kinda stupid.”
“It’s friggin’ stupid”, he agreed, closing his locker and looked at me with an expression that could only be read as pity. “So — anything else? Cause I need to get going. I promised Andra to drive her home.
“You’re already together?” my voice cracked as my eyes were filled with tears. I felt my heart was tearing apart. Last time I heard they’re just dating. So, I guessed, I really don’t have the chance to have him again. I struggled to form words with my cracked voice. I asked, “How long?”
“Three days.”
“So, you’re happy now, eh?” I wiped my tears again, hating myself for saying this, and for crying in front of him. But still, I continued, “I’m so sorry if I didn’t make you happy before. It’s just that…” I laughed. “…that’s all I can give to you.”
“That’s okay, really. I’m sorry”, he reached for his pocket and retrieved a handkerchief. He handed it to me and said, “Please, stop crying.”
“You know…” I took the hanky and rubbed it on my cheeks. “…I never felt love until I met you, and I never felt real pain until you left me.”
I looked into his deep dark eyes that once held such love and promise. He hissed and shook his head. He looked out into the window, then back at me. “Why are you saying this?”
I felt an undeniable longing to press my lips against his, wanting to remember the taste of it. No matter how much he’s changed, he’s still my Lance.
“I just wanted you to know how much it hurts me. But I still wanted you back to me. I still love you.”
“Riley,” he murmured, his arms opening wide and I tumbled right in. I was very happy to feel his arms wrapped around me again. “You know it’ll not work out. It’s over. We’re over.”
“I’ll take it as a no, then”, I said. I burrowed closer, my eyes closed, my face buried in the place where his shoulder and his neck meets. My lips moved softly, silently, and then I whispered, “So, this is really a good bye, then.”


Anonymous,  March 15, 2011 at 10:55 PM  

nasaan ang chapter 1? bakit chapter 2 agad?

Gian Carlo Licanda April 4, 2011 at 12:48 AM  

ewan koo .. naPOST ko na yun dto ee :D
clik mu nlan ung link nan chapter 1 . nsa taas nan chapter title :)

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