Love Conquers All

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Alma Erana
Cebu Technological University


As a young child, Carmina was born with a unique character. She was a diligent child with an enormous ability. One day, Carmina told her mother that she was one of the graduating students with honor in elementary this coming month. Carmina’s mother said “thanks God you are blessed of what you have Carmina”. All of my honor is not for me, but for your mama. ‘I love you mama Carmina said’. My best friend Lolit is an honor student like me also mama.

After Carmina graduated her elementary, her mother brought Carmina to Cavite and enrol her first year high school, while Lolit her best friend enrolled in Marvel school ten kilometres away from Carmina’s place. At this moment Carmina was already fifteen years old and was influenced by her lesbian friend Margot and Charo. They act themselves like real boys. Being away from her parents Carmina involved in night life wherein they were in a group in drinking spree together with some men.Drinking and smoking were their habits. They were no longer going to school; instead they were always gone to the bar. So, Carmina did not finish her study because she was influenced by her two lesbian friends. One time Carmina remembered her best friend Lolit, she wanted to see her.

When Carmina visited their house, her brother Allan got amazed and calls his mother Clara, oh! Mama look, Carmina is here. When their mother saw Carmina she can no longer distinguished Carmina because of her attire. “Oh! No, her mother exclaimed.” You look like a real man Carmina, you are now wearing boys attire and have a short hair cut. Why you do this Carmina? “Her mother asked”. Mama, even though I am a woman, but I have a man’s heart. “ Carmina replied”. Her mother did not  argue her in order to have peace in their house. Carmina asked her mother about her best friend Lolit, and her mother said that Lolit are now beautiful lady and have already a boyfriend. Carmina did not tell her mother of what was inside in her heart and mind that she was secretly feel in love with her best friend Lolit ever since. But Lolit has already a handsome boyfriend wherein Carmina has no more place in Lolit’s heart. So, Carmina went to the house of Lolit. When they met, Lolit and Carmina hugged each other tightly. Carmina I miss you so much “ Lolit said”. Carmina got amazed looking her best friend as if she is now fully bloomed like a flower wherein the bees like to suck. “And Lolit asked “. What happen to you Carmina? Why you are dressing like that? Instead you are now a lady, Carmina no words to say and nagged her face. So, Lolit invited Carmina to get inside in Lolit’s house. Come in Carmina and look at the picture of my boy friend, his name is Rex. Is he handsome? “Lolit asked Carmina. But Carmina almost cannot control herself. Her heart was aching and full of jealousy. She loved Lolit very much. Lolit put her right hand on the top of Carmina’s shoulder and said, Carmina don’t act like that, we are the same girl. You should act like a girl. No Lolit, I loved you eversince. “But Lolit answered” Carmina I have already a boy friend. So, Carmina’s face was so sad and goes home. Her heart was full of jealousy and regrets. So, she goes back to her peers.

One day, while they were in the bar, her brother reported to Carmina that Lolit is to be married with her boy friend Rex next month. But instead Carmina become happy, she went to their house and cried so much, as if she was carrying a heavy load that she cannot handle it. It comes up to her mind to end her life. So she got a sharp blade and slashed her left wrist hand. She became unconscious, but fortunately she was followed up by her brother Allan immediately in her room and brought her to Saint Luke Hospital. The doctor hurriedly attained her needs in order to survive. The attending doctor named Alfred looking the patient and feel pity. He looks the patient beautiful for him although she dressed like a man. Because of too much blood comes out from her body she needs blood infusion. The problem is they cannot find type” A “blood, but finally the attending doctor Alfred has this kind of blood type. So, the doctor offered his blood to Carmina in order to survive. So, the parents of Carmina were so happy. When Carmina recovered her consciousness she rolled her eyes around and asked her mother of what happen to her. And her mother explained to her regarding the happening of her, and the one who saved her life was no other, but the doctor himself who offered his blood.

One time the doctor Alfred come back to see her. “The doctor said how you are Carmina? “ I almost recovered doc, “Carmina replied”. And hold the doctor’s hand and said, I owe my life to you doc, lovingly smiled to the doctor. Get well soon Carmina “The doctor said”. One night in the hospital Carmina could not feel asleep, and the doctor saw her and gave her medication. But Carmina pretended that she was sleeping. The doctor cannot control himself and kissed the lips of Carmina secretly. And that was the first kissed of Carmina from a man whom she cannot forget. She was seeking that kissed now and then from the doctor Alfred. She feels real love to the doctor secretly. After a few days later the doctor told Carmina that she is fully recovered and she can goes home anytime. But Carmina said to the doctor “I will not go home doc, I will stay here”. And the doctor said to her “what! You will stay here?” Yes doc, I will stay here for you because I love you. “Carmina replied”. And Carmina hugged tightly to the doctor with tears in her eyes, and the doctor hugged also to her and said “Oh Carmina I love you too also, nothing can separate us from now”. The doctor said.

Six months later, they both prepared the schedule of their wedding. During the wedding they were very happy together with their parents, relatives, and friends. And Carmina puts off her past life and told her best friend Lolit that she is no longer a lesbian but a real woman. After the wedding the couple lived happily ever after.


Anonymous,  February 5, 2011 at 8:47 PM  

oh,it is more than just a love story. nice..!

Anonymous,  February 7, 2011 at 3:12 AM  

Fast pace but a nice love story.

c-a-r-l-z February 8, 2011 at 9:32 PM  

common title, but different story...keep up the good work...hope you continue making good stories...

Anonymous,  February 8, 2011 at 9:35 PM  

may matututunan kang moral lessons...

DALISAY February 8, 2011 at 9:50 PM  

I don't dwell on typographical errors but boy, this one gave me the headaches. Pero siyempre, inunawa ko na lang at hindi na inintindi ang mga iyon. Medyo nakulangan ako sa pundasyon ng pagkakakilala nila ng kanyang bagong pag-ibig but I have to give credit for the effort na ibinigay para mabigyang emphasis ang identity crisis ng bida. Ratings: 4 stars.

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