My Life's Playlist (reinvented)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

If your expecting an update of the story I'm sorry po :(

But here's the whole explanation with the good news and bad news.

Its been a year since I started writing My Life's Playlist just to share the pain, the hardship, the struggle, the happiness, the joy, the kilig moments and all the things in between.

For many reasons I stopped writing.
One is because my desktop had parts failure.
Another is that my own love life crashed and burned.
I was able to buy a laptop but that time I was too busy with the last semester of my college.
After that it was job hunt, then employment and then I got sick.
I had to quit my job because of it.
Tried to go back to writing but a relative was hospitalized for a while.
Tried bring my laptop to the hospital but unfortunately an accident happened.
When I got better I started with the job hunt again and thankfully I got a bit of what I dreamed of.
Borrowed some money to start of and to fix the laptop.
I noticed there was quite a number of inconsistency in my story so reworks needed to be done.

So long story short, I wrote MLP, stopped, was very problematic, got better and now I'm back.
There are many re-works on the story, new chapters to be typed and new songs that comes with it.
In the coming chapters masasagot na ang maraming katanungan na I think was part of the inconsistencies.
Sino nga ba si Emman at anu na nangyari sa kanya?
Bakit maraming karakters ang biglang naglaho?
Bakit may name inconsistencies?
So tune in, follow me, add me up para po malaman nyo po ang mga sagot.
Hopefully I would be featuring a cover of a song.

And with My life's playlist I could really say:

Life is like a playlist...

Each day is a song...

with different rhythms,

different tunes...

different beats...

different melodies...

played by different artists for different people...

but one thing is common, each song has a message...

a feeling...

a thought...

and just like life, it keeps on goin'.


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