The Last Kiss (Chapter 13)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Last Kiss (Chapter 13)

Chapter 13

Late and Pink Undies

The Last Kiss (Chapter 12) <— CLiCK THiS to READ THE CHAPTER 12

“Hello,” I answered my phone that had been ringing wildly which moved me out from a deep sleep. I moved from my bed to the bathroom in slow, dragging steps, with my phone still in my ear but not really hearing any single word the caller, a guy, was saying. I wasn’t very alert till I washed my face with a cool water, and the guy on the other end was now definitely pissed at me.

“…won’t speak up, I’m gonna drive to your house and shove your phone down your throat ‘til you choke to death!” he went, and I laughed mockingly as I realized who it was.

“What’s so funny, huh?” Seth inquired irritatingly, and I could only imagine his face turning red with a frown and eyes were bulging, smokes belching out both of his ears. Just like in cartoons.

I yawned and stretched my back and my free hand. I squinted at the clock on my bedside table, and it read 8:46.

“I mean it,” he said. “I really do. And if I were you, I’d panic and hide myself in the drawer. Right. Now.”
I laughed.

“As if you know where I live,” I sat on my bed wanting to tease him. If he thought he can annoy me, well, he thought wrong. I knew he just called for that. Perhaps he’s still angry at me for calling him a jerk yesterday. He probably got my number from Arielle.

“Yes, I do,” he chuckled. “I had even seen you through your window dancing in front of the mirror with only your undies. And it was pink!” He laughed. I felt the color drain on my face, remembering that one morning when I did what he had just said, out of happiness of the news I received that I got the lead role of a play last spring. But however did he know that? Corinne’s window, perhaps.“You look like a fool. Did you know that? Perhaps you do because you’re looking at yourself in the mirror.”

He let out a very unattractive laugh, and I hang up.

Oh, my gehd! Now that was one, real embarrassing thing. Of all the people… him!

He rang again, and I felt like throwing my phone onto the wall, smashing it into tiny pieces and imagining it’s him. But only it’s a no no because as far as I am concerned, my phone was definitely innocent. So I answered him instead.

“Caught ya!” he said between guffaws. “So that was true then? I just heard it from Corinne. I never believed a word of it. Not until now.”

I felt the anger rising onto my throat. Fine, he won.

Corinne’s also one of the Barbies (aka Bitches) who was living next door. Her bedroom was also on the second floor of their house, facing mine. And we definitely see each other through our glass windows. I even saw her having a god-knows-what with Tim Perkins, long before she realized I might be watching them. She saw me gawking at them, and gave me a finger before closing the shutter. But I didn’t mention it to anybody even to Arielle and Kirsten. Now that was unfair!

“Cut the crap, Harris!” I belted out, wanting to smack his face. If only my fist could get inside my phone, I already smack the crap out of him. “Believe what you wanted to believe. You believe whatever is told to you anyway.” I switched my phone from one hand to the other because I felt like it’s heating my ear. “If somebody would tell you eating a worm would make you look good, I doubt you would even give it a second thought before you eat one. You’re like that, and you’re not worth the trouble of straitening things up with.”

“Eww. That’s nasty,” he said, enjoying himself. “Now he’s annoyed. Haha. Chill out, man!”

“Yes, I am totally annoyed. Who would not be when someone call you and knock you out of your sweet dream just to tell nonsense craps? But then again, you’re like that. Nothing’s new, really, right? So I’m already tired of your I-don’t-know-I’m-being-a-jerk-all-the-time act you put on,” I looked sharply at Corinne’s window and she’d just woken up. That bitch. “Why don’t you just…die?”

“Okay. Fine. Sorry.” He said. “Now that’s so cruel of you.”

“And you just called just to destroy my Saturday morning?” I said, eyebrow rising. Not that he could see it, but still.

“No and Yes. Okay. No, I didn’t call you to give you a bad morning which turned out that I have done anyway. So. Sorry for that, pancake. And yes, it was Saturday today! Yay!” he said cheerfully. And then his voice shifted to being cold and serious. “And you forget that today’s the day the different school clubs and orgs open for those who wanted to join what. Which means you need to get your ass in here.”

“Oh, crap, no!” I smacked my head with my palm. “Why didn’t you tell me immediately? Anyway, thanks for reminding me.” I paused, and joked. “Oh! Is that concern I am sensing?”

“Ha ha. Dream on!” he said frostily. “Just want to let you know that… You. Will. Gonna. Be. Goddamn late for our appointment with Mrs. Pascal, you fag!”

“Ah, hell no!” I smacked my head, this time a little harder. “I’ll be there in a…” I glanced at the clock on my bedside table and it read 8:48, and our appointment with Mrs. Pascal must be at 9:00. “I’ll be there right away!”

I hang up and threw my phone on the bed where it bounced a little on the mattress. I slid out of my shirt and pajama bottoms, and went for a shower.

* * *

Thirty minutes later, I was glancing wearily at the throng of students crowding the entrance hall of Crustville High. I knew I was supposed to be hurrying up but what for? I was already lat anyway. I just felt like watching the perky-looking freshmen who were wandering here and there, chattering about what club they will sign into. I scanned the crowds for familiar faces and saw Arielle flocked with her cool cheerleader friends (The cheerleaders were divided into two. The Barbies of Andra and Arielle’s Herd) who were all wearing their red-and-white costume.

I waved at them, and they waved back at me. And I was confused why they’re all giggling, and even from a distant I could see them batting their eyelashes.What? They fancy me now? Ew.

The reason just dawned on me when I turned on my back and saw Seth standing behind me. He was wearing his basketball jersey and looked really gorgeous. He looked even more attractive in his jersey; muscles showing and all that. I almost admired him. But the problem was… it’s him.

He’s angry. I could tell by just looking at his way of looking at me (like I’m a greedy dog who’d just eaten his lunch) as he strolled towards me.

He grabbed me by my hand and pulled me, and was dragging me as he made his way past the crowd of students, and I almost stumbled. When I regained my composure, I put force on my feet, arching my back, and tried to break his grip on my wrist. He still dragged me a little slowly and my sneakers squeaked onto the tile floor.

“Hey, hey, hey!” I punched his knuckles that were now white because of the tightness of his grip. “Loosen up! Or else I will bite you.”

We stopped and he freed my hand. I released a heavy sigh. “I not a baby, you know. I can walk.”
“He turned to face me with a fierce look. Like he’s going to eat me alive. “Now don’t look at me like that. I’m scared. Okay.”

I smiled cheerily at him, with all my teeth showing, wanting to make his anger left in a sudden rush, flowing out of his body like a bubbling stream.

“Whatever,” he let out a breath and shook his head before returning to walk.

I followed like a puppy behind him, rubbing my wrist that was marked red by his fingers.
“We’re goddamn late,” he said coldly.

“I know. I’m sorry,” I said, putting an extra kindness to my voice as much as I can. I knew better not to start with him. After all, it was my fault we’re late.

Now we were on the courtyard. The Barbies are practicing their routines, tumbling and spinning. And Andra, looking like at ease that she would still be the captain, was sitting on the lap of (none other than) Lance, who was leaning on a tree, wearing the same jersey as Seth’s. He’s very amuse, huh! Aahhh. How sweet. I bet the ants were crawling onto their skins, and that they just didn’t notice.

My eyes (not to mention my mind) were practically glued on them while walking that I didn’t realize Seth stopped in his pacing and I bumped onto his chest. I was glad he threw his arms around me which prevented me from falling down which would definitely be a one, humiliating accident. I stomped on his foot though which made him yell “ouch!”. But I bet he’s just overreacting. What with both of those big shoes of him. Jeez.

“Watch your steps, will you?” he retorted, and his gazed swept to where Andra and Lance were flirting. He then look at me and his face lit up into a grin, along with a shaking head. He turned to continue walking, and I followed behind him. I was glad he grinned. That only meant he was now cooling down.
But that made me think if he knew a thing about us, Lance and me. What with that look on his face, and a grin that seemed saying I know something. Well, it could be he’s just thinking I envied them. I don’t care, really, we’re over anyway.

We’re now entering the building where Mrs. Pascal’s office was. I greeted Mr. Heffley a good morning, suppressing my laughter as I remembered the look of his face when I accidentally threw a Kleenex right on his face.

“You’re a courteous lad, huh!” Seth said.

“I know,” I replied, eyes rolling. I looked onto his back, on his jersey that was number 8 and made a mental note to ask him later if it meant something to him.
“We’re almost an hour late,” he said.
“I know.”
Mrs. Pascal must be very angry by now.”
“I know.”
“She might make our punishment even harder.”
“I know.”
“Now will you please stop saying ‘I know’? It’s very irritating.”
“I know.” I covered my mouth with both of my hands so that the laughter that was now forming would not escape.
He knocked at Mrs. Pascal’s office door, and whispered, “Good Luck, to us!”. He looked at me, smiled, took my hand and we went inside the office.



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