The Last Kiss (Chapter 10)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Chapter 1o

The Hell of a Kleenex


The Last Kiss (Chapter 9) <— CLiCK THiS to READ THE CHAPTER 9

What the hell!

I opened the door to the restroom and was glad nobody’s inside. I felt like hitting and kicking inanimate objects, crying, shouting, and crying some more. I had reached my boiling point. What the hell! But I won’t ever do any of those. I didn’t want Seth to think he’d really succeeded in making my life a total hell. Damn! I didn’t really know what his fucking deal is.

Now I’ve learned to say the F word. Jeez.

I faced the mirror and stared into my soda-soaked face; which just leveled up the anger I felt. I opened the faucet and let the cool water stream on my fingers. I splashed water to my face. The coolness of it seemed cooling down my head. I released a heavy sigh. That was when I heard the door slowly and gently creaked open. It was Seth.

I met his eyes in the mirror and he looked like he’s suppressing laughter.

“What are you doing here, for God’s sake?” I snapped right away.

“I believe this is a school restroom. I, as a student of CH, can get my butt in here anytime I want, can’t I?” he walked across until he’s on my right side. He cupped both of his palms under the faucet to get some water. “But right now am gonna wash my face, too.” He laughed. “I am also a victim in here!”

“Of your own clumsiness bullshit!” I wadded up a Kleenex, dried my face and tossed it at the wastebasket on the other side of the room. “And worse. Maybe you’re doing those things in purpose.”

He snorted.

“You know what? I understand it that you hate me because I’m like this. A faggot! But you don’t have to do all of these just to ruin my life. Because believe me, my life is already a hell. I’m so tired Seth. Please. Just . . . please.” I sighed in exasperation.

“I don’t hate you!” he countered right away, frowning. “Not at all. Really!”

“I don’t …”

“Please, ‘twas all an ‘accident’”, he air quoted the word ‘accident’, while waggling his brows in the mirror.

“Oh whatever!” I rolled my eyes.

“Can I have some Kleenex?” he extended his hand to me, palm up, waiting.

What the hell! I can’t believe this guy. A total jerk from hell! It seemed like everything that had happened was a big play. It was all seemed nothing. Maybe they were really nothing. But still.

“Can’t you just at least say sorry?” I interrupted him. He paused from drying up his face and look at me in the eyes through the mirror.

“If I do, would you forgive me?” a lopsided smile played on his mouth. And sure I would love that smile if it is not on his face. But the fact is it was his face. “Right away?”

I paused, and thought for a while, before shaking my head, “No!”

“So, I won’t say sorry. Until later.”

I bit my lip. He’s really annoying, and I feel like smacking him down. But as I stared at his lean and muscular and beautiful body like a sculptor, I’d changed my mind. Oops. Don’t get me wrong. What I’m trying to say is, I am no match to him. He’s big.

“You’re one of the most obnoxious people I’ve ever met,” I spat after a long at-a-loss pause.

“Thanks for sharing,” he just chuckled.

What the hell? Does this guy even care what other people feel? I doubt that.

“Can I ask you something?”

“You’re already asking, jerk.”

“No. Something else.”


“Why are you always biting your lips? Are they yummy?” he grinned. I was taken aback by the question. I suppressed the urge to let my furious glare splinter into laughter.

I rolled my eyes at him. And again, bit my lip. Why am I even doing that?

Before I knew it, he was moving closer to me. He bent to level his face with mine because he’s practically taller than me. His face was so near mine I could feel his breath all over my face.

“Would you mind if I try biting them?” I could hear a smile in his whispering voice. “Just once? Just now? Right now?”

I was stunned. I stood still, breathing hard. My heart was beating real fast I thought I could hear it echoing inside the room. I took a deep breath, swallowed hard and caught a glimpse of longing in his blue eyes before I slowly closed mine.

Think. ..

I’m so not doing this!

I opened my eyes and yelled, “What the hell!”

But I was yelling at no one in front of me. He was gone.

I heard laughter and so I turned on my back. Seth was leaning by the door, arms crossed in his chest. He was grinning; a mocking grin.

“You want it, huh?”

“Please. That’s rubbish.” I stared down into the floor, not wanting to meet his eyes because I was embarrassed. I knew he’s actually thinking I want his kiss. Do I not?I turned my back on him, afraid he’ll see my face because I knew I was turning red.

“Could you please get the hell outta here because I need some time alone.” I faced the mirror and squinted at him through it. “To think.”

“Sure” he blew a kiss before he got out.

When he’s gone, I sighed in relief.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I yelled at the ‘me’ in the mirror.

Then the door opened and Seth poked his head in.

“Hey! You take care. I heard the janitors saying there is a ghost in here.”

“I don’t care!”

And he got out laughing.

Seconds passed and he poked his head again, and then leaned in the doorjamb.

“Are you sure you can think well in here?” he scanned the room, eyes rolling like a roll-on’s head. “What you gonna think about anyway?”

“That’s not your business, jerk!”

“Okay! Bye.” He laughed and slammed the door a little hard.

I washed my hands again. I just love the feeling of the cool water streaming on my hands.

And the door opened again.

That got into me. I am so not trying to be patient with this pig. I closed my eyes and sucked air, held the Kleenex, before I yelled, “Get the hell out of here!” at the same time I threw the Kleenex on his face.

The Kleenex smacked just right on his face.

I was stunned.

Oh my God! What have I done?

I bit my lip.

I stared at the cold face of Mr. Heffley (one of the jerk professors here in CH who once made Arielle sat in the hall for the whole period of Creative Writing because she’d put a period outside the quotation mark) with my mouth gaping open.

“See me at detention, Greswode.” He said coldly before getting in a stall.



Ang Kwintas, ang Snickers at Si Patrick. (Chapter 14)

Salamat sa mga patuloy na sumusubaybay ng series na ginawa ko. Ganun din sa mga silent readers na nagbabasa rin ng series ko. Nawa'y kung merong mga GRAMMAR FLAWS kayo na makikita especially this EPISODE, ipagpaumanhin ninyo na lang kasi first time ko lang magsulat.

Salamat din sa mga:

Kaibigan ko, kaklase ko sa block section ng MBA sa PLM, mga ka-officemate ko na habang tina-type ko ito ay binabasa ng patago ang nobela ko, sa bestfriends ko at mga barkada ko, at higit sa lahat, kay Patrick na siyang naging dahilan para makapagsulat ako ng ganito. (Sino siya?! Well... Secret!! Hehehehe..)

Siyempre, sa mga avid readers na palaging nagko-comment ng nobela ko:

Sina Dada, jac, mArk, mcfrancis, j.v, Erion, coffee prince( number one fan ng novel ko..) Kuya Nitro, mga anonymous readers (mga mentor ko pagdating sa grammar and spelling) Ross ram, dark_ken(fan ako ng novel niya..) jasper.escamillan(nag-iwan pa ng number sa akin, don't worry, I'll text u if I have some spare time Hahaha!!) Ernes_aka_jun, Magno, Jay aka Jcoi, chris018, jayfinap(in-add ako sa account niya at isa sa mga idol ko pagdating sa series) zenki, ogie8906, at si JhayCie. Guys.. Sana nagustuhan ninyo ang story ko!!!


(This story is based on my real life. I changed the names of those persons involved including myself to keep our characters confidential and personal.)

Any commonality to any individual, place, or written works are absolutely COINCIDENTAL.

DISCLAIMER: The author withholds all his prerogatives to the work, and requests that in any use of this material that his rights are purely respected. No part of this story maybe reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means: replicating, copying, duplicating or otherwise, without the prior consent or permission of the author himself.

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Part 14

"Ok, in just a matter of minutes, we are about to start the program. Ok contestants, be ready!!" sigaw ni Cheney habang nagkukwentuhan kami sa loob.

"Cakie, cakie.. Wait! I have a question, sino ba yung judges namin?!" pahabol na tanong ko kay Cheney.

" SECRET!! Later on, you'll find out." paliwanag ni Cheney sa akin.

"By the way, where is my goodluck kiss?"


Hinalikan ko si Cheney ng saglit sa labi. Ang bango niya. Gamit niyang pabango ay yung georgie on ice. Ngumiti ako bago siya umalis sa akin.

Nakita ko si Ma'am Pelaez na kasama si Sir Pantaleon. Tinawag ko si Ma'am at nginitian niya ako.

"Best of Luck, Jacob!! My faith is in you so keep it up!!" Sigaw ni mam sa akin pagkatapos niya akong ngitian.

Agad akong nagpasalamat sa kaniya. Hinintay ko muna silang umalis sa harapan ko bago ako bumalik sa loob. Sa loob, kinuha ni Lei yung pabango niya sa bag niya. Ang booster Lacoste for men. Alam ko iyon dahil iyon ang pabango na ginamitan sa akin ni Patrick bago kami umalis noon paputang SM Megamall. Lumapit siya sa akin at sabay inispray ang pabango. Napapikit ako. Kasabay nun, agad kong naalala ang lahat ng alaala ng aking pagkabata, kasama na rin ang mga panahong minahal ko kay Patrick.

Tinawag ako ni kuya at kasabay nun ay nagpray kami. Bumilog kami at agad niya akong pinapunta sa gitna. Pumikit ako ng malalim. Dinig ko ang boses ni kuya na parang umiiyak at nagmamakaawa sa itaas para ibigay sa akin ang tagumpay ng kompetisyong ito. Tumagal ng tatlong minuto ang pagdadasal bago natapos. Niyakap ako ni kuya, Jayson, Nikol, Joseph at huli ay si Lei..

Umpisa na ang kompitesyon at nakita ko si Shaine. Magkahiwalay kami ng kwarto dahil gusto niyang ma-thrill at ma-excite ako kapag nakita niya ako, pati na rin si Lei, at hindi nga siya nabigong pamanghain niya ako. Ang ganda niya! Very astonishing!! Nakasuot siya ng 80's inspire na serpentina gown na kulay silver. Ang buhok niya ay nakalugay na kinulot ang ibaba ng buhok nito. At ang mga mga mata nitong mapupungay ay mas lalong gumanda at lumaki na parang manikin. She's looks like a princess on its own. A wonderful woman, even a gay person will enchant by her stupendous personality. That's for sure!!

"Ganda mo ah!! Stunning ka ngayon!! Nakaka-inlove ka!!" pabati kong sinabi kay Shaine.

"Sus, alam ko na 'yan, simula pa noong pagkabata!! Haha.." patawarin niyang sagot sa akin.

Nagsimula ang contest sa evening gown. Rumampa ang bawat isa sa amin sa entablado na ang background music ay ang mga kanta ni Jim Brickman na pinasikat niya. Unang naglakad ang pambato ng freshmen. Parang pilit ang pagma-matured ng dalawa. Bata pa kasi sila eh, kaya para sa akin ay medyo hindi bumagay para sa kanila ang suot nila. Pagkatapos ay sumunod ang sophomore. Maganda ang damit. Pilit ang mga ngiti at muntik pang madapa ang contestant na babae sa sobrang haba ng gown na kulay violet. Gwapo ang lalaki ah! May dimples na nakakakilig! Pero mas lamang ako sa kanya. At pagkatapos ay sumunod kami. Dinig ko ang tilian ng mga Tao sa harapan namin. Marami ang pumalakpak nang kami ay rumampa. Lalo na ng ngumiti ako sabay flying kiss sa mga audience at agad namang sinalo na parang nakuha nila ang mga halik ko. Sumunod sa akin si Shaine at nag catwalk. Ang galing niya! Parang bihasa na siyang maglakad ng ganun. Habang naglalakad, napansin kong tumatalbog ang ibaba ng gown niya na parang naglalaro ng soccer. Nakakatuwang pagmasdan! Sumunod ang fourth year sa amin na hindi ko napansin dahil madali kaming bumaba para maghanda sa talent portion.

Unang nagperform ang first year na sumayaw ng sayaw na remix ng N'sync at Destiny's child na magkaparehas. Sumunod naman ang Second year at nag-interpretative dance. Medyo natagalan lang ng konti dahil nagkaroon ng problema ang CD nila, pero natapos din naman. Sumunod kaming dalawa ni Shaine habang nagpipiano si Lei samantalang ako naman ay naggigitara habang kumakanta ng "Bakit Ngayon ka Lang" ng Freestlye at Pops Fernandez. Andaming kinilig sa aming dalawa ni Shaine nang binigyan ko siya ng rosas pagkatapos naming kumanta. Sumunod sa amin ang Fourth Year at Nag-interpretative dance din to the tune of "Endless Love" ni Mariah Carey at Luther Vandross.

Question and Answer portion. Heto ang pinakahihintay ng lahat. Agad pinauna ang mga babae bago ang mga lalaki kaya pinapasok kami sa isang maliit na chamber katabi ng stage at pinapasak ng earphone para Hindi kami marinig.

Habang sinasaksak ay biglang pinatugtog ang kanta ng Black-Eyed Piece na "Where is the Love." Napansin ko din si Cheney na busing-busi sa baba na inihahatid ang mga pagkain para sa mga judges. Nakita ko ang mga Judges, sina Mrs. Blas, ang principal ng school namin, si Ex-Superintended ng DepEd na si Paraluman Giron, Si Councilor ng 2nd District na si Marlon Lacson at ang namayapang si Ex-Congressman Jim Lopez ng 2nd District. Mga bigatin nga at mukhang puspusan ang pagja-Judge sa amin.

Tumagal ng 15 minutes kami na nasa chamber room. Kinakabahan ako. Nang agad na pinatugtog ang hit songs ng Westlife ay bigla akong nabuhayan ng loob. Nang bigla kaming tinawag sa loob.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, in your front are the gorgeous men from different year level here in our beloved Alma mater. (tumingin sa amin) Gentlemen, if you're in nervous at this point, well worry no more, because each of you will going to accept consolation prices that has been sponsored by our rotaract club of lakandula. Without formal ado, let's keep the ball rolling as we call on in front of stage, the first male contestant."

Kinabahan akong bigla, Ayan na at nag-uumpisa na. Tinawag ang pambato ng First Year at mukhang kinakabahan. Sumunod ang Second Year at mukhang dehado ang pagsagot. Nang natapos ay sumunod ako.

"Well, can we now call on the candidate from Junior's? Mr. Mark Jacob Inocencio from section two."

Pumunta ako sa harapan nang hindi ko alam kung ano ang gagawin. Bigla kong naalala si Patrick nang kinapa ko ang pendant ng necklace na ibinigay niya sa akin. Nagkaroon ako ng lakas ng loob. Naglakad ako at nakita ko sa harapan ng stage si Lei kasama sina Jayson, Nikol, at Joseph.

"Mr. Inocencio, please pick up one question inside the bowl. Here's your question....Oh I forgot, the judges will be the one who give you such questions and you picked, Mr. Lacson. Mr. Lacson, please..."

Tumingin ako kay Sir Lacson. Medyo mataba ang mga mukha nito na matangos ang ilong na naka kulay pula.

"Candidate no. 3, here's your question. How do you define love in your own words, and how does it affect your personality as a whole?" Tanong ng isa sa mga judge sa akin.

"Well, before anything else, I would like to say hi to our fellow Lakanduleñans out there. Happy 42th anniversary for all of us. Well anyway, Mr. Lacson, Each of us has experience love. I have been there done that. In fact, valuing is one of the greatest tools I have found the paradox of love that, if I love until it hurts, then there is no hurt, but only more love. Thank you and goodnight Lakanduleñans!!" sagot ko with confidence..

"Very well said, Mr. Inocencio. We're about to call on our last and final contestant..."

Nagpalakpakan ang lahat. Mukhang na-impress ko ang judge sa sagot ko. Actually, nasabi ko iyon dahil kay Patrick, na minsan sa buhay ko ay nawala ang pagmamahal ko sa kanya, pero ang pagpapahalaga ko sa kanya bilang parte na ng pagkatao ko ay nasa puso ko habang buhay. Pinuntahan ako ni Kuya sa likod ng backstage at sabay yakap.

"That's my brother!! That's my brother!!" sigaw niya na may pagmamayabang sa mga makakarinig nito.

"Kuya, hindi ko alam!! Sinabi ko lang yun dahil naalala ko si Patrick!! I'm valuing him a lot, kahit na iniwan niya ako!!" Sagot ko habang yakap-yakap ni kuya.

"I know!! I know!! That's why I'm so proud of you!!" sigaw ni kuya..

Habang kayakap ko si kuya ay bigla kong napansin ni Lei sa harapan namin. Napahinto kami sa ginagawa namin sabay nagpaalam si kuya sa akin at umalis.

"Kuya.. Salamat!! At sana mapatawad mo ako!! Mahal na mahal kita!!" sigaw ni Lei sa akin habang inaayos ko ang tuxedo ko na mukhang nalukot dahil sa pagkakayakap sa akin ni Kuya.

"Ok lang iyon.. Halika nga, I want a hug from my baby bro.."

Niyakap ko si Lei nang mahigpit. Nang I-announce ang mga pangalan ng mga candidates ay tsaka siyang bumitaw sa akin at sabay pumanik sa entablado.

"Fellow Lakanduleñans, before we proceed to our much awaited announcement of winners, let's glance back first, as we set the final look for the candidates of this year's most prestigious pageant of beauty and brains here on Mr.&Ms. Lakanduleñans 2003. May we call on here in stage Mr. Hiro Kobayashi, our last year's Guinoong Lakandula and Ms. Sheena Mae Pecson, our last year's Binibining Lakandula. once again, our beloved candidates for this years Mr&Ms. Lakanduleñans 2003."

Lumipas ang ilang minuto at sinabi na ang result ng pageant.

"Now, ladies and gentlemen, we are here for the final results of Mr&Ms. Lakanduleñan. Their faith has been determined and there is no turning back at this point. The final decisions by the judge was being checked and that's final. And now, please dim the lights...
(Sabay tunog ng heartbeat na akala mo ay nasa starstruck.)"

"First, we're about to recognize first the special award that has been conducted since last month. The piso-para-sa-puso is one of the charitable movement done by the students where the proceedings will be given for the benefits of less fortunate students of Lakandula High School who despite of their financial incapability, they're striving hard for them to determine their will to finish their studies. They have collect some coins with the help of our Candidates. Let's give 'em a round of applause, ladies and gentlemen... And now, the final is about to begin. We are going to announce first the Mr.&Ms Maynilad..."

Andami pang pautot ng host.. Merong ayan na, merong hindi pa.. Merong commercial, meron pang joketime (Hindi nakakatawa yung iba kasi corny.. Hehehe)

Unang tinawag ang fourth year tandem dahil sila nag-uwi ng Maynilad award, at itinanghal silang Mr&Ms. Maynilad awardee. Sumunod ang First Year at ibinigay ang Campilan award at sila ang itinanghal na Mr&Ms. Campilan Awardee. Na-interrupt ang tawagan ng mga mananalo nang magdesisyon ang host na magproduction number ang mga first year student ng sayaw sa tugtog ng remix ni J.Lo. Pinababa muna ang lahat ng natawag na, maliban sa second year naming kasama at kami na third year. Hindi ko alam ang gagawin ko. Kinakabahan ako!! Habang pinapanood ang mga nagsasayaw sa harapan namin, ay napansin ko na panay ang pagkuha sa akin ni Lei. Kanina pa siguro ako nito kinukuhanan. Ngumiti ako sa kanya, sabay din siya. Sabay bumulong sa akin ng I love you. Bigla akong siniko sa tagiliran ni Shaine pagkatapos niyon.

"Ui.. Nag- I love you sa akin si Lei. Hehehehe... Sabi ko sa'yo at na-appreciate niya ang kagandahan ko eh.. Hahaha..."

Talagang babaeng Ito, ilusyonada!! Ako yung sinasabihan ni Lei at hindi siya. Hay naku!! Hindi na ako nagsalita at baka magkaroon lang ng komosyon dito sa entablado kapag nalaman niya lang ang katotohanan. Nagpasya na lang akong ngitian si Shaine sabay tango kunwari. Bigla akong kumapit sa kinauupuan ko nang i-aannounce na kung sino ang mananalo..

"Thank you freshies!! Now let all back to what we have been waiting for. The result for Mr.&Ms. Lakanduleñan is already here in my hand. Ladies and Gentlemen, who would be the next tandem to win the crown? The tandem here on my left side? Or at my right side, rather? As I call the names, the first tandem that I'm going to declare will automatically win the crown of Mr.&Ms. Maharlika and the last couple remain will be consider our new Guinoo at Binibining Lakandula and who probably owned the throne as our Mr.&Ms. Lakanduleñan 2003... Dim the light please....."

Agad na namang dumilim. Para kaming nasa starstruck!! Iniisa-isa kaming pino-focus ng spotligt na nagpapasingkit pa lalo ng mata ko sa sobrang silaw nito. Agad na hinawakan ako ni Shaine sa kamay ko, hanggang sa....

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the Maharlika awardee goes to......"


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