The Last Kiss (Chapter 11)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Chapter 11


The Last Kiss (Chapter 10) <— CLiCK THiS to READ THE CHAPTER 10
The last time I visited this wonderful detention room had been a year ago; me and the entire Algebra class including Kirsten and Arielle. It was because of Andra and her herd of Barbies. They’d organize a Book Drop at Algebra. At exactly 11:00 pm, all of us dropped our books while the monster Mr. Padgett was discussing. All of us except the Barbies. That got the rest of the class into detention. See? Andra’s a bitch. I can’t understand why Lance…
As I got inside, it felt like I’d stepped into a major case of déjà vu. Only now I was alone. But I can manage this!
Mrs. Stone, who was a hard woman as her last name, shot me a look from her desk, like I’m in deep trouble. And as I stared at her eyes beneath her spectacles, I swallowed hard and bit my lip. They were seemed turning into slits; just like those of her cat, Veronica, that I noticed was curled into a ball in her desk. Oh! I hate that cat. Well, I hate cats.
Maybe I am really into a big trouble. I wonder what she’ll gonnalet me do this time.

I shuddered at the thought.
“Well, Riley?” her voice was thin and cold.
“Good afternoon, Mrs. Stone,” I flashed her a smile. Maybe if I’ll try to be nice she’ll let me go early.
“May I have your slip?”
I approached her desk and retrieved on my bag the detention slip Mr. Heffley had given me. I need Mrs. Stone to sign it before I give it back to him. That, of course, needed real effort.
“Settle yourself anywhere you like, Riley,” she said as she signed the slip and slipped it under the book. “Let’s wait for Lance …” she paused as she inquired into her wristwatch. And I cringed as she said his name. “… for five minutes.”
I turned and sauntered around the room. The benches in this room don’t have ledges to lean on, and I felt like leaning on. I was sleepy.
I sat at the farthest bench, jiggling my legs.
Lance.He’d be here with me.
But then again, there were two of them that had the same name here in CH. There’s still a 50% chance that it would and would not be him. I hoped it would not be him. Mostly because I don’t want to see him, if possible.
But in the back of my mind, I was wishing it would be him. Because no matter how much I say to myself I don’t want to see him, there’s a bigger part of me that wanted to be with him. That longed for him. That missed him. That still loved him.
I wanted to ask Mrs. Stone, who was now reading a book called House of Night (Seriously. She was), if it’s Lance Weiner we’re waiting. But I was answered as he appeared by the door.
It’s really him.
He paused by the doorway as he noticed me in the back of the room. He gave me a weird smile and a nod before he hurried over to Mrs. Stone’s desk.
“You sit in there,” Mrs. Stone pointed her pen to the left side of the room, far from me. That’s good. The last thing I needed right now was to get all sweaty because he’s right next to me.
He walked across the room without turning a glance at me, and then sat down.
“You have until four,” Mrs. Stone declared.
I frowned. We have until four of what?
“What are we supposed to do, Mrs. Stone?” Lance voiced out the question forming in my head.
We! As in I and him. I shuddered at the thought of togetherness.
“Oh, yes!” she laughed. “How silly of me to forget,” she laughed again. Jeez. “You’ll just sit in there. No talking. You’ll do nothing but sit until four. Easy, isn’t it?”
I heard Lance groaned as Mrs. Stone settled again with her book.
Me, I just sat there staring at the wall clock, and fighting the urge to grab it and turn the hands to four since it was still 1:00.
Ten minutes passed, and I’m sure Mrs. Stone had already lost herself in the world of vampires created by the Casts.
I retrieved my iPod from my bag silently. I grabbed the chance to steal a glance at Lance. He was just staring onto the floor while jiggling his legs. He was bored I could sense.
As per usual, I’d chosen my favorite playlist of lonely songs. Not because I am heartbroken right now, but because. . . I’d loved these songs ever since.
I inserted my earbuds and cranked up the volume, allowing the music to bar everything but the sight of this boring room. So I closed my eyes.
Just as the next song started, I flinched. Someone’s squeezing my right hand that was rested beside me. I opened my eyes only to see Lance standing beside me.
“Wanna share?” he asked.
I looked over to Mrs. Stone’s desk and found that she was already asleep, and actually snoring.
“She’s already asleep,” Lance said, hooking his thumb over his shoulder as a smile widened his cheeks.
“I noticed,” I said, my voice barely a whisper.
He slid onto the bench beside me. I yanked the left earbud out and handed it to him. He gave me a quick smile as he inserted the earbud to his ear.
Then he smiled again as he heard the music playing.
“You always loved this song,” I could hear a smile in his voice.
I took a deep breath to relax my heart that was now beating wildly.
“Yeah, I’m still me,” I answered lamely.
“How are things going on without me?”
I bit my lip and sighed.
“Nah, so hard.” My voice was shaky, scratchy; as though it’s the first time I’ve used it all day.
“Things would get better in time,” he covered my hand with his on my lap. “I’m sure.”
“It’s easy for you to say because it’s not you who was left alone. I don’t even know what should I do right now.”
“I know,” he smiled at me weakly. “Just let go.”
“I don’t know how.” I shook my head slowly, pressing my lips together. “With you I’ve learned to love. I learned that I could love and be loved. But now, I don’t know if I will ever learn to say goodbye.”
With the music playing on the background, it just made the moment so heartbreaking for me.
I looked into his eyes. He seemed sorry though. There was loneliness in his eyes, and I want more than anything just to wipe it away.
“Someday, you’ll gonna find someone to love you, Rile. Just like the way you wanted me to love you. I know you’ll get over me someday and you’ll just laugh at yourself when you remember these moments.” He said matter-of-factly. “I’m not worthy of your love, Rile.”
I started to feel the lump forming in my throat, and my eyes were starting to get sting as the tears formed.
“I’m sorry, Rile.” His gaze was steady onto the floor. “I know it won’t take away the pain I’ve caused you. But I just wanted you to know how much I hate myself for hurting you.”
Inevitably, my tears began to leak down my cheeks.
“Please, don’t cry, Rile. Don’t make this hard for me. For you.” His chilly breath washed me as he whispered to my ear. “I still care for you. I don’t wanna see you hurting again because of me. I’m a dick!”
“Just close your eyes,” I looked at him. Really looked at him. His eyes reflected with mine, both were shedding tears. I don’t wanna see him crying, either.
Veronica hissed, and Mrs. Stone stirred and moaned. I wiped my tears fast, and Lance did the same.
“Now go back there to your place before she woke up,” my voice was raspy. “Promise you won’t see me crying ever again.”
“Promise me you won’t ever cry because of me again,” he squeezed my hand. “Even if I’m not watching.”
“I promise.” I whispered.
“”Promise me you won’t love me anymore.”
“I will. Someday. Just give me time.”
“Thank you, Rile,” he whispered, and left a soft kiss on my forehead as I closed my eyes.
The song ended. He removed the earbud off his ear and handed it back to me. He messed with my hair before going back to his place.
Yeah, someday.


Chris November 16, 2011 at 1:13 AM  

at first, i thought i wouldn't like it but as i read it, it's actually good :D hahaha!! will wait for the next chapter =)

Jayson S Patalinghug November 16, 2011 at 3:03 AM  

Many dont read stories written in English, but Im telling you, this one is good. Not bad at all. Keep it up.

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