The Last Kiss (Chapter 10)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Chapter 1o

The Hell of a Kleenex


The Last Kiss (Chapter 9) <— CLiCK THiS to READ THE CHAPTER 9

What the hell!

I opened the door to the restroom and was glad nobody’s inside. I felt like hitting and kicking inanimate objects, crying, shouting, and crying some more. I had reached my boiling point. What the hell! But I won’t ever do any of those. I didn’t want Seth to think he’d really succeeded in making my life a total hell. Damn! I didn’t really know what his fucking deal is.

Now I’ve learned to say the F word. Jeez.

I faced the mirror and stared into my soda-soaked face; which just leveled up the anger I felt. I opened the faucet and let the cool water stream on my fingers. I splashed water to my face. The coolness of it seemed cooling down my head. I released a heavy sigh. That was when I heard the door slowly and gently creaked open. It was Seth.

I met his eyes in the mirror and he looked like he’s suppressing laughter.

“What are you doing here, for God’s sake?” I snapped right away.

“I believe this is a school restroom. I, as a student of CH, can get my butt in here anytime I want, can’t I?” he walked across until he’s on my right side. He cupped both of his palms under the faucet to get some water. “But right now am gonna wash my face, too.” He laughed. “I am also a victim in here!”

“Of your own clumsiness bullshit!” I wadded up a Kleenex, dried my face and tossed it at the wastebasket on the other side of the room. “And worse. Maybe you’re doing those things in purpose.”

He snorted.

“You know what? I understand it that you hate me because I’m like this. A faggot! But you don’t have to do all of these just to ruin my life. Because believe me, my life is already a hell. I’m so tired Seth. Please. Just . . . please.” I sighed in exasperation.

“I don’t hate you!” he countered right away, frowning. “Not at all. Really!”

“I don’t …”

“Please, ‘twas all an ‘accident’”, he air quoted the word ‘accident’, while waggling his brows in the mirror.

“Oh whatever!” I rolled my eyes.

“Can I have some Kleenex?” he extended his hand to me, palm up, waiting.

What the hell! I can’t believe this guy. A total jerk from hell! It seemed like everything that had happened was a big play. It was all seemed nothing. Maybe they were really nothing. But still.

“Can’t you just at least say sorry?” I interrupted him. He paused from drying up his face and look at me in the eyes through the mirror.

“If I do, would you forgive me?” a lopsided smile played on his mouth. And sure I would love that smile if it is not on his face. But the fact is it was his face. “Right away?”

I paused, and thought for a while, before shaking my head, “No!”

“So, I won’t say sorry. Until later.”

I bit my lip. He’s really annoying, and I feel like smacking him down. But as I stared at his lean and muscular and beautiful body like a sculptor, I’d changed my mind. Oops. Don’t get me wrong. What I’m trying to say is, I am no match to him. He’s big.

“You’re one of the most obnoxious people I’ve ever met,” I spat after a long at-a-loss pause.

“Thanks for sharing,” he just chuckled.

What the hell? Does this guy even care what other people feel? I doubt that.

“Can I ask you something?”

“You’re already asking, jerk.”

“No. Something else.”


“Why are you always biting your lips? Are they yummy?” he grinned. I was taken aback by the question. I suppressed the urge to let my furious glare splinter into laughter.

I rolled my eyes at him. And again, bit my lip. Why am I even doing that?

Before I knew it, he was moving closer to me. He bent to level his face with mine because he’s practically taller than me. His face was so near mine I could feel his breath all over my face.

“Would you mind if I try biting them?” I could hear a smile in his whispering voice. “Just once? Just now? Right now?”

I was stunned. I stood still, breathing hard. My heart was beating real fast I thought I could hear it echoing inside the room. I took a deep breath, swallowed hard and caught a glimpse of longing in his blue eyes before I slowly closed mine.

Think. ..

I’m so not doing this!

I opened my eyes and yelled, “What the hell!”

But I was yelling at no one in front of me. He was gone.

I heard laughter and so I turned on my back. Seth was leaning by the door, arms crossed in his chest. He was grinning; a mocking grin.

“You want it, huh?”

“Please. That’s rubbish.” I stared down into the floor, not wanting to meet his eyes because I was embarrassed. I knew he’s actually thinking I want his kiss. Do I not?I turned my back on him, afraid he’ll see my face because I knew I was turning red.

“Could you please get the hell outta here because I need some time alone.” I faced the mirror and squinted at him through it. “To think.”

“Sure” he blew a kiss before he got out.

When he’s gone, I sighed in relief.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I yelled at the ‘me’ in the mirror.

Then the door opened and Seth poked his head in.

“Hey! You take care. I heard the janitors saying there is a ghost in here.”

“I don’t care!”

And he got out laughing.

Seconds passed and he poked his head again, and then leaned in the doorjamb.

“Are you sure you can think well in here?” he scanned the room, eyes rolling like a roll-on’s head. “What you gonna think about anyway?”

“That’s not your business, jerk!”

“Okay! Bye.” He laughed and slammed the door a little hard.

I washed my hands again. I just love the feeling of the cool water streaming on my hands.

And the door opened again.

That got into me. I am so not trying to be patient with this pig. I closed my eyes and sucked air, held the Kleenex, before I yelled, “Get the hell out of here!” at the same time I threw the Kleenex on his face.

The Kleenex smacked just right on his face.

I was stunned.

Oh my God! What have I done?

I bit my lip.

I stared at the cold face of Mr. Heffley (one of the jerk professors here in CH who once made Arielle sat in the hall for the whole period of Creative Writing because she’d put a period outside the quotation mark) with my mouth gaping open.

“See me at detention, Greswode.” He said coldly before getting in a stall.



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