The Last Kiss (Chapter 8)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Chapter 8

Oil Spill


The Last Kiss (Chapter 7).<—– CLiCK THiS TO READ CHAPTER 7

A jumble of words was bouncing inside my head, refusing to travel down my arm, through my pen, and onto the paper. I was staring at the ink spot made by my pen, enjoying as it slowly became bigger and bigger until I pulled the pen away.

The black spot of the ink was messing the white paper. Like Lance, messing my oh-so-perfect life.

I examined the mangled end of my pen. I had no idea an hour had passed; the ringing bell was a total surprise. I’d just shoved my sociology book back into my bag when Mr. Harrison called my name. I grabbed my notebook and pen and hurried over to his desk.

“How are you?” he asked, smiling warmly as if were old friends.

“I’m okay. I’m good.” I said quickly.

He lifted an eyebrow at me.

“Well, I suppose I have a problem.”

“Of course you have. You failed the quiz yesterday. Something bothering, eh? Tell me. Maybe I could help you.” He paused, waiting for me to answer. When the silence kept on hanging in the air between us, he continued. “Riley, you’re one of the brightest students here in Crustville. It’s just so tragic witnessing your performance fluctuating down.”

I didn’t respond nor meet his gaze. I just stared at his desk, hugging my notebook onto my chest. I chewed on my lip, wanting to vanish into the thin air. The last thing I needed now was to have someone (especially a teacher) to slap into my face the realization of what a moron I was turning into.

I took a deep breath before I said, “I gotta go, Mr. Harrison before I’m late with my next class. I’m okay really.” I flashed him a big smile. “Thanks, anyway.”

I dashed out of the classroom after that. No matter how much I tried not to admit it, I know Mr. Harrison was right. I mean, yeah, it’s tragic. My performance was fluctuating down. I used to be so studious and conscious about all of the matters in my schooling. But now, it seemed like those matters didn’t matter to me anymore. And that was because of an utter moron who’d promised me love, but in the end just broke my heart. Okay, maybe it was also my fault. But still. It’s not like I had broken my promise. It was him. Always him. Sometimes, I’m asking myself why I still bother to love him when he’d always hurt me. I had always given him chances. Maybe that was really it. When you’re in love, you’d be a fool. Or maybe it was just I who turned into a fool when in love.

I was halfway down the hall, hurrying to keep up with Kirsten when I realized that I left my bag in the Soc room. Great. Now I am out of my mind.

“Kisses, you go first. I left my bag.” I motioned towards the way to the Soc room.

“Oh,” she rolled her eyes. “What a stupid bag.”

She craned her neck to peer over my shoulder. She smiled and waggled her brows at me, teasing. So I turned around and saw Rolf approaching, my bag on his left hand. I sighed in relief.

“I suppose this is yours,” he smiled, handing me my bag.

“Aw, yeah!” I laughed lightly. “Thank you.”

“Sure,” he winked at me. “Anytime.”

“Gotta go,” I tapped my Mickey Mouse wrist watch. “I’m late.”

He nodded. He waved at Kirsten over my shoulder who was still wearing a teasing smile. Great. I felt an urge to slap the back of her head.


I grabbed Kirsten’s arm and dragged her. I looked behind my back and Rolf was heading to his class.

“Maybe you should date him.”

“Shut up!” I snapped at her. “We’re not playing in the same team.”

“That’s what I thought also,” she agreed.

“He’s just cool with homos.”

“I bet he’s a nice guy. And I think I will like him,” she ran a finger on her brown hair and tucked some strands on her face behind her ear.

“Maybe you should date him, then.”

“I mean, I will like him for you.” She smiled at me. “And no. Mostly because I am happy with the love of my life.” And the moment she said it, I realized how impaired my love life was. I envied her.

“Nah! Let’s stop this. The last thing I need right now is to get myself into detention. You know Mrs. Nash. She’s the most inconsiderate person in the whole wide world. Or at least here in Crustville. I’m sure we don’t want to be late, do we?”

She nodded.

While we’re walking (Okay. We’re not really walking. We’re practically half-running), I was convincing myself to be sane again. I mean, I have to get the pieces of myself back together before something terrible happen. I mean, I have to focus myself to schooling, and not this crap I got myself into. Maybe it’s hard, but still. I needed to get Lance out of my mind. I would not let my mind get to think of him ever. And maybe I should start dating (again, heehee). Maybe through this I’d get some of myself straightened out easily.

“But I still really do believe you must start dating again.” She started again.

I shrugged. “No. There are no handsome princes have been falling at my feet begging me to go out with them.”

“What are you up to?” Arielle popped up behind us I almost jump. She’s always doing that, scaring the heck outta me. Maybe next time I should smack her down to learn.

I turned around her. “Nothing. We’re just talking about how we could−”

I was cut out by Arielle’s “Watch out!” the same time I heard a door creaked open and realized we’re in front of the Home Economics Lab.

Somebody slammed into me, and before I could even realize I was falling, I was on the floor. The bags of oil (Oh shit! Cooking oil?) hit the tiles right next to me and burst, covering me with its yucky oiliness.

“Oh my god! Are you okay?” Seth Harris reached out his hand, obviously trying not to laugh, and stepped in the oil. Suddenly his feet slipped out from under him and he hit the tile floor with a loud thump.

At that moment, Seth burst out laughing. That did it for me. I was burning with anger I knew I turned red, probably on fire. Last time he’d accidentally spilled paint over me in Arts when we were doing a life size portrait. And now oil? Ugh!

Seth dragged himself up to a kneeling position and tried to help me. But he slipped on the oily floor and toppled over again, laughing hysterically. Like a child. Jeez.

“Accident. Sorry,” he said between guffaws.

“No!” I grabbed Kirsten’s extended hand and she helped me to get up carefully. Arielle’s muffled laughter reached my ear and I shot her a look. “Accident, huh? I’m not buying it anymore, you stupid jerk! Last time paint and now oil?”

“Aw,” he frowned, settling himself on the floor like he’s on in a sun bathing. “It’s not as if I’m not watching my steps.”

I started opening my mouth to argue with him when the door to the HE lab opened again.

“What is going on in here?”

Mrs. Pascal, the HE teacher (yeah, I know her last name sounds like she’s a Math teacher), was standing by the door with his hands on her waist. I and Seth both fell silent. Mrs. Pascal’s eyes were practically popping out of her head.

“Do you know how much that oils cost?” she screeched.

I looked at Seth who was now standing, gaze on the floor while obviously trying hard not to laugh because he is gasping.

“You two, see me as soon as possible.” She looked at me from head to toe. “And you better clear this mess,” she motioned to the floor of oil before disappearing behind the door.

The moment the door closed, Seth was backing away from us.

“And where the hell do you think you’re going?” I snapped at him, and he stopped and turned to me.

“I’ll just get some mops and a bucket of. . .” he put his index finger on his lips as if he’s thinking. As if he knows how to think. “Would water do? Oh! Perhaps we should use alcohol.” Then he went away to the storage room.

“I should smack the crap out of that jerk!” Arielle said when Seth was already out of earshot.

Kirsten shot her a shut up look before turning to me. She held both of my arms. “It’s okay, Rile,” I frowned at her. How could it be okay? “Okay. I know it’s not okay.” she sighed. “But. . . I don’t really know what else to say because I’m kinda worried to be late and get myself into detention like, I think, is what you’re going to face with Mrs. Pascal.”

“Oh yeah! Just tell Mrs. Nash I have a business needed to be taken care of in here. Oh! As if she’ll listen.” I rolled my eyes and waved them off. “Now off you go.”

“Bye, Rile! You can do it!” Arielle winked at me. She grabbed Kirsten’s arm and they started turning to Lit class when she added, “And don’t forget to smack the crap outta him. For me?”

I laughed as I watched them completely disappeared. If you have really good friends, they can always make you laugh no matter how crazy things are. That’s why I really love both of them.

I looked at the floor of oil.

Ah, hell!



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