December Memories

Saturday, January 1, 2011

By: Jayson P.

We have two reasons to celebrate December; first, It is the birthday of our saviour; Second, at the end of this month we are about to face a new start.

Most people want to celebrate these important occasion with their families but I have never celebrated these occasions in the past 5 years with my family for a very complicated reason. Let us just say, I don’t have a happy home back in Mindanao. I had lonely Decembers in the past but I told myself that I won’t dwell on that anymore. So I decided to go on vacation.

Initially, I planned to visit Camotes Island but there was a change of plan when my contact in that island informed me that there was a little complication in the arrangements of my accommodation. I thought it would be another lonely December so I started to think of an option. A text message from my co-teacher was just timely, Miss Juliet invited me to go to Barili, Cebu for a trip. It was the home place of our department chairman and they would sponsor our accommodation there.

December 26, we went to Mantayupan Falls and the rest of December was spent in the remote barrio of Barili. Miss Juliet was not able to stay with us until new year because her fiancé arrived from Hawaii. Below are photos of that December memories. Thanks to Miss Juliet and Villarin Family for the home you gave me this December.

This beautiful landscape of nature is one of the tourist attraction in Barili Cebu. It is located in the southern part of Cebu which is approximately 61 kilometers southwest of Cebu City. Barili comprises of 42 Baranggays and the amazing Mantayupan Falls can be seen in Brgy. Campangga.

Above is Leah, my friend way back in college. She was my co-working student before but she decided to go abroad, that's why when she came back to school, I was already his Literature instructor. Now, Leah is working as call center agent. 

The photos above were taken from the camera of Ma'am Imelda. I was delayed in posting these because, I just saw these photos in FB. hehe. Thanks Rex for posting this in your wall.

On our way to Brgy. Malolos, we stopped by at Brgy. Mantalungon to buy something for lunch. It was their market day "tabu". Goods displayed were harvested directly from the farm. I wanted to take picture of the market but I was vomiting already due to seasickness, so I just took picture of myself while waiting for Rodney and Rex.

This is the road going to Brgy. Malolos Barili, Cebu. I wish I have a personal photographer so that I am included in all photos. hahaha.

Weeh, this is the road going to the Villarin's residence. When I took this photo, I remember my old home at San Miguel Surigao del Sur. Living in a place like this makes me feel serene, breathing the fresh air and listening to the songs of the birds.

This is their simple yet happy abode. I stayed here for 3 days. The Villarin family were so hospitable and I enjoyed my stay in their home sweet home.

Have you tried taking a bath in a well? hehe. This is where I took a bath every morning. I wish I had a photo taking a bath here, well I am too shy to ask Rex to take shots of me. hahhaa...

This is Rex. I took this photo beside  the cliff where the Chiong sisters were dumped after they were raped. Rex said this place is like a dumping site and is dangerous at night. Anyway, the rape and all the dangers happened before when this place was not yet developed.

This is the shop at Car Car City where Rex had his motor bike tuned up. While waiting, I had my hair cut at the barber shop. Hehe..

Weeh....This is me after I had my hair cut. (may nagbago ba? hahaha) I was just waiting for Rex. bored! haha

These folks were singing Christmas carols. What amazed me was that they managed to do this with only a lamp and a small flashlight in a dark village. Did I mention that the house of the Villarin's is located on top of the hill? 

The food we ate were just simple, just right for a simple home and simple people. Rodney was the one who usually cook for us. We had corn, rice, corned beef, dried fish and fish soup (tinola).

Dec 31, 2010. we went to Car Car City market. The people were everywhere busy buying for their media noche. My attention was captured by the tasty and affordable lechon which they are selling for 280.00 per kilo. We bought 1 kilo for lunch and believe me, you can only taste this kind of lechon in Cebu.

It's not an illusion and you are not dreaming. I was really cooking my first spaghetti. Ma'am Imelda helped me though. I was happy because Rex said that his father usually don't like spaghetti but he ate a lot and told me that it was delicious. 

Mr. Villarin, you just didn't know how happy I was when you said that. I never had a father who appreciates me. I never heard a word of praise from my own family. Thank you!

We went to church and prayed on the new year. In my heart, I was thankful that God gave me a wonderful vacation this year together with the Villarin family who showed me real family solidarity. One thing that my family never had. I prayed that one day, when I build my own family, I will never let them experience what I experienced. I will make sure that they will have a home sweet home with a loving and responsibly parents.

This is Mr. and Mrs. Villarin. They live a simple life in their home on top of the hill in the rural area of Barili. With hard work and discipline they are able to send all three children to school and all of them graduated. Richard the eldest has his own business and a happy family in Barili, Rodney married my chairman Ma'am Imelda after his adventures in the middle east and they are still sweet like a newly wed couple, and Rex is my co teacher in Cebu Technological University. The brothers were close to each other, they are a living example of how Mr. and Mrs. Villarin  brought up a good and responsible children.

Thank you and I am hoping to see you again soon! I am now ready to face another year of challenges.


rex villarin,  January 1, 2011 at 10:01 PM  

its really nice jay.....thanks for appreciating our simple way of living......its not the end yet,you can still go there for another journey........(makahilak man sad tah....hehehe) pretty sure that we could still accommodate you...godspeed!!!!!

Jayson Patalinghug January 1, 2011 at 10:04 PM  

Thanks Rex... Im looking forward of being invited in your town fiesta...hahahaha

Anonymous,  January 1, 2011 at 11:34 PM  

i've read ur travelogue/travel-blog/whatever nice and inspiring!!! i admire more the Villarin family!!! don't think that ur the only person feeling alone and homeless last new year...Me too,,,hahaha...i spent my new year alone in my bhaus...but i was "adopted" by the Apalisok family last Christmas in Tagbilaran Chill!!!hehe...we're more competitive and independent than we think we are...see you soon.

-Manuel Avenido

Anonymous,  January 1, 2011 at 11:36 PM  

Sayang no... were not able to come with you to Barili, I'm hoping na sana next time we can make it....... its a brand new year..... go on to your journey in Life.... Im sure you will experience a fruitful and exciting year.......

- Mildred

Anonymous,  January 1, 2011 at 11:37 PM  

sir you should xlep while going to barili to aviod dizzynes........

- Karylle

Leah Oropa,  January 2, 2011 at 6:55 AM  

Wow! I'm just surprised that I'm included in the blog. hheehe. Your vacation sir was real awesome and lovely(not just because I was part of it!hehehe)! I can feel how hospitable and great Villarin Family is and, well, of course the place. So wonderful!

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