Labyrinth by Manuel Avenido

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

to Leonila, with Love
Thou, like a whirlwind
    heading aimlessly
             blown by the waves of time

I, Master of the Game
   molded thy fate,
      counted thy footsteps,
                  bedecked thee with darkness

With thy honeyed tongue
    of stripes and stars
                                      Nocturnal and restless
               for earthly promises

       I, lulled thee with a path of roses
           to that hazy avenue I escorted
            like veins of a river thou take
        interminable, bewitched
         I, lulled thee with the
                                 beacon of tomorrow
    Yet shed fortress of uncertainty
  Dead end is
       but thy prize!

     Amongst many seeds sown
                                          in the bedrocks
                                      Washed off by the rains
   thou crawled in vain
        in the face of this Earth

      Like the hand of time
                   encircling, cyclical
     The alien novena utterances
     sprung from thy turmoil mouth

                                     I, paved thy destination
          of mazes and mysteries
      The never-ending sojourn
         of chasing fortunes

     They deemed thee high
        in a pedestal
but the voice from thy bowels
           has sprung sighs of discontent
     Thou swayed amongst
       Those hays – withered!
        To the tempo of that
lazy dusk


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