My 2010 Summer Vacations

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I seldom get a real vacation. Most of the times, I spend my rest days in the boarding house, reading fantasy novels, watching movies in my portable player or surfing the net in my laptop. This year, at least I have come out of my shell and start to explore the world outside.

I met Jong in the internet, he is an OFW working in Bahrain. He spent a month of his vacation with me in Cebu and all I can say is that, it was the most happy moments in my life. We went to Bohol with my sister Jessamay. That vacation was Jong's gift for my birthday. We visited Danao adventure park, Sagbayan peak, chocolate hills and the floating restaurant in Loboc river.

His stay with me came to an end when he decided to go home in Bacoor Cavite with his parents (he had never seen his parents since he arrived in the Philippines because he immediately visited me here in Cebu). For a month that we were together, he left wonderful memories to me.

To cover my loneliness, I made my self very busy at work and start going out for a videoke session with Leah, Leizl and my sister Jessamay. I also went to Bantayan with the my comcast team "The Gremlins" where I enjoyed a nice summer vacation in an island. We went island hopping, snurkling and a lot of bonding moments.

Though there are pains and hauntings in my souls, I realized that they can be set aside for a moment and start transporting the world of illusions into the real world. " Happiness is all in our mind"


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