Debater's Love Story

Sunday, June 6, 2010

His voice is strong and the power of his speech is unsurpassed. No question, Jade is the universities finest debater. The University of Shire became famous in debating championships on the day Jade joined the Wizard’s debating team. He became everybody’s idol and even me wants to become like him someday. I have to admit, what I feel for him is more than just an admiration. However, I can’t even tell him what I feel. He is with our other team mates and I am looking at him from one corner of the school admiring him endlessly.
He is a man of principle. He thinks of things at every angle before he decides. He believes he can live on his own; shape his fate and make a path for his destiny. When it comes to love he can’t be stopped from discussing it with the group even if no one solicits anything about this stuff from him. He discusses it, not because he likes to be with someone but because his views about love were once different. He once believed that love brings nothing but pain and sorrow. The truth is, he had never been into a relationship. I mean, He had loved but it just never become possible.

I remember that day, he stood in the crowd and showed them that he knows how love feels; that it can do nothing but ruin our future and destroy our souls. He was living in a long nightmare, with false hopes and illusions. Until the nightmare was over, he realized that nothing will happen if he stays in that dull world.
It was the Universities foundation anniversary when I introduced him to my friend. Hello Jade! Congratulations, you did great on the podium, no wonder; the medal for best debater has been awarded to you. “I greeted him with smile” … Thanks Kelvin! By the way who is with you?
“Oh sorry, I almost forgot! This is Jared my classmate in English class. He is a Maritime student and wants to join the wizards debating team.
Oh okay, by the way I am hungry I need to go. Bye! “Jade replied and walked away”
Hey! would you mind if we would join you? Jared asked.
Okay come on as long as you pay for your food no problem. Jade jokingly replied.
We ate and talked but I was so silent while Jared was making a conversation with Jade. He told Jade how he liked to become a member of the debating team and more boring things about academe. I notice Jared’s smile was pure and he seemed to enjoy the company while Jade was as always trying to be kind and threw a fake smile. I was not sure actually if it as fake or he also enjoyed the talk.
Since that day Jade changed. I have realized that he has fallen in love with him. He wasn’t able to escape from the beauty of his eyes, the unexplainable charisma Jared possesses. But what can he do? He was bound to the principle which he firmly believed. From that moment, his life became complicated; his mind and heart fought contradicting each other. He did not know what to do next, but one day he decided to put away the principle he has, and once follow the beatings of his heart.
Jade started to be more friendly with him. I often saw them at the Maritime Lobby and at the canteen. He was not disappointed. He observed that he was different from the others he met before. He never felt being listened to and appreciated the way Jared did. Jade was in heavens, fantasizing that he too has hidden desires for him.
The time came when he could not control his emotion. He met Jared at the rooftop of the Maritime building after class. He was silent and Jared seemed confuse.
Hey bro! Why are you silent today? Do you have any problem? Maybe you want to share it with me, I will listen. “Jared broke the silence” but Jade just turn his back and sigh.
Hey, you are weird today, is it a family problem? Or your girl broke up with you? “Jared tried to make Jade talk” then Jade turned to Jared and with tears in his eyes looked straight at Jared’s eyes.
Jared said “It is okay, you can tell me whatever it is that bothers you”
After a moment of silence Jade open his lips and with a sincere voice said: I don’t understand what I feel and I am not sure if it is right. After tonight, things may turn different and I have decided to take a risk.
Jared is about to talk when Jade stopped him “sshhh, do not talk, I need you to listen. He paused and with courage continues to speak “I LOVE YOU” and I do not know why. All I know is that there something inside in my heart that only beats for you. I wish I have never met you, I wish I have never felt like this. Jade still talking when Jared’s finger touched his lips.
Shhh please do not say that! I am most happy when I met you and it has been an honor to be your friend. You have been my idol since I first saw you on the podium, I like you! “Then Jared draw near and their lips met” then Jared broke the passionate kiss and added “I am not the right person for you. I may not be your lover but it does not mean I do not love you. At the end of the semester I will go back in Marawe and marry my childhood Kristel. This has been prearranged by our parents and if only I can defy fate and tradition just to be with you. “Tears flowed on Jared’s eyes.
Jade smiled wiping the tears in his eyes and hugged Jared tightly. “Thank you” he whispered on Jared’s ears and closed his eyes. He wished he had Polaroid at that time to turn everything into immobility and make life still forever. He couldn’t sleep or die at that very instant.
They said that a debater’s life is complicated revolving around arguments and a debater should always thrive to win every argument to his satisfaction. Based on what I see and what I feel that notion is not true at all times because I can only say, when it comes to love, a debater knows no more rebuttal.
As of this moment, I am looking at Jade and hope I have courage to do what he did before. But I am not like him, I cannot tell him how much I love him because I am already contented with him as my friend and my team mate in the debating team.


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