Midnight Blue

Thursday, March 15, 2012

a conversation...

"Are you a writer?"
"No, I am a story teller."
"I've read some of your pieces... I found them too emotional. Are those true stories?"
"Emotional? ... They're real, but I never said I write true stories."
"Not true stories but real? Is there a difference?"
"True stories tickle the mind and it lead the readers to doubt whatever they had read."
"You havent mention how it differs to real stories?"
"Real stories touch the heart...and no one doubts his own heart."
"Still I'm confused.... Can I ask you something?"
"Why with all of your stories, there is a single distinct character that is present to all them? 
At some he's not even a main character, and he possesses a very ordinary not so 'catchy' name, to think that you like playing with names, annagrams for example...was that intentional?"
"I tend to use ordinary names...and if you are reffering to 'Nel', yes that was intentional."
"Is he your alter ego? Does he have his own story?"
"If I will tell you that he is my alter ego, then you'd believe that those are true stories and you'll begin to doubt what your heart tells you. He doesn't have his own story...because he is fictional."
"Fictional? I thought we are talking about 'real stories' here?"
"Now you've seen how inconsistent I am...I told you story tellers are liers." -smiles
"No you didn't say that..."
"Now I am saying it..."
"You love anagrams...What if I'll tell you I know who Nel really are? 
His identity was concealed in plain sight."
"Will you tell me his story?"
"Only if you promise me that you wont believe every single word I say."
"I promise, afterall, all your stories doesn't need to be heard...it creates doubts..."
"...they are felt, it touches the heart...it creates love."

How far would you go for Love?

from the one who gave you "Beautiful Andrew" 
                        "Endorsed to Love"  and   "Wish Kiss"
here comes another short story of Love and Miracle
           from Nel's Nurses Notes

"Sino si Midnight Blue?"

a two part short bromance LoveStory.... soon this March 2012.


Jayson S Patalinghug March 15, 2012 at 5:32 PM  

wow, new story...is this another true story Glen?

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