Thursday, October 6, 2011

 Dear happiness,
I was looking for you 
yesterday, I experienced sadness
believe me it's true..

Please come out now
I am not joking
I wanted to make a vow
here I am searching,

Will you appear?
Whole day I've been shouting
Why you didn't hear?
Now my voice is fading..

I am very tired,
I feel shortness of breath
Somebody fired!
An object passed on the sheath.

Oh the bullet,the bullet of the gun
the bullet hits me.
It's not fun, it's no fun
it's me, it's me!

I saw my self lying on the floor
blood scattered on the wall
the clock strikes at four,
I can't press the number call

I passed through my body
I came closer in front of it,
A blood sticks on my-ID
I notice every slow beat.

I shouted for help,
but no one can hear me.
So I used the blood of myself.
In order to help “me”.

The last ink,
-written in blood.


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