The Last Kiss (Chapter 3)

Friday, April 15, 2011


Memories at CrossingBridge

I left the locker room a few minutes after Lance left me. After he left me alone, crying. After he left my heart in pain.
I walked in the hallway like a zombie, not even turning to Kirsten when she called me. I just concentrated in making my every step, in putting my foot over another. I wanted to run, eager to be in the parking lot so I can lock myself inside my car. But my legs were too weak as my heart that it can’t even make me run, or to just simply half-run.
The moment I got inside my car, I immediately put my key into ignition and started the engine and headed home. I badly wanted to go home, lock myself in my bedroom, fling on my bed, bury my face on my SpongeBob pillow, and cry my eyes out like a big stupid and pathetic baby.
Just as I was about to turn onto my street, I thought of a better thing to do. I mean, I can’t allow myself to do that somehow too stupid thing. So instead, I made a U-turn heading downtown. I passed the narrowCrossingBridge Streetwhere I used to walk with Kirsten and Arielle when we went out to enjoy ourselves, letting our feet lead us anywhere.
And then a memory played on my mind. I gripped my stirring wheel very hard as I let my mind travel back in time.
It was an hour and a half before dawn, but the melting snow that covered the pavement seemed to be basking itself in the light of a full moon. With the street roads unfussy, and the air blowing smoothly and silently, nothing disturbed the calmness of the midwinter. Well, except me, Kirsten and Arielle who were singing on the top of our voices. We were from Kyle’s, attended his thrown birthday party.
We were soon out of CrossingBridge street, and would be turning our way along the lane towards the village. There would still be few miles until we get to the village. Then there would be no more nasty dark corners that were giving me the creeps. It’s like that there will be something fanged beast that will come out from them.

“Wait a sec”, I came into a halt and extended my arms in front of Arielle and Kirsten to stop them. They both turned to me with those what-is-your-problem looks wore on there faces. I turned away from them and focused my gaze to the silhouetted figure lying ahead of us. I balled my hands into fist and rubbed my blurry eyes. I looked at the figure again and decided that it was a guy.
“Look at that”, I pointed my index finger towards the guy that was probably unconscious. “A guy.”
I was making my way towards the unconscious guy when Arielle grabbed me on my shoulder and said, “What are you doing?”
I stared at her with my mouth gaped open. I yanked my shoulder and she continued, “What if it’s just a modus? And he’s a thief, or a criminal?” I watched her eyebrows twitching here and there as she spoke. “Or worse, what if he’ll stab you with a knife?”
“Jeez!” I rolled my eyes. I looked at ever helpful Kirsten for a support. “He needed help.”
“We can’t be so sure of that, toot.” Kirsten said, her hands on her hips. She shook her head and looked away into the lying guy. I was disappointed.
“So what, then? You’re saying that he’s a criminal or whatever?” I planted my hands on my hips, my foot tapping on the ground. “And we can’t be so sure of that, either, can we?”
Turning to the guy, I noticed that his head moved slowly from left to right. I thought I heard him moan, and so I went skittering towards him, crunching the snow with my every step. Kirsten and Arielle followed behind me reluctantly.
I knelt beside the guy and scrutinized his face for a moment. Then I covered my mouth with both of my hands in shock. It was him. The guy from our school’s basketball team. The guy with the number 5 jersey whom I cheered until my throat soared. It was the guy whom I got a big crush with.
“Lance Weiner!” I shouted, and my voice echoed in the silent night. I cupped his face with my hands. Kirsten and Arielle moved from this to that side that we’re practically surrounding Lance. I squeezed his shoulder gently and asked in a caressing voice wrapped with tenderness, “Hey, are you okay?”
“Of course he’s not!” Arielle snapped me. “Look! There’s a blood on his lips.”
I lowered my face to him that we almost kiss. I paused. And sniffed his scent. Oh! I felt his warm breath lingering on my face. For that moment, I thought of not pulling away my face from him. I laughed at myself. And all of a sudden, I felt someone shaking my shoulder.
“What do you think you’re doin’?” Kirsten asked, using an accusing tone.
“Grabbing the opportunity ‘cause his unconscious?” I could see Arielle’s brow furrowed. “Oh, that’s shit, Riley!”
“Oh, Please. Don’t get me wrong.” I sighed and rolled my eyes. They’d probably been thinking that I really kissed him. Stupid. “He’s drunk. I could smell alcohol.”
We heard him groan, and we all turned our head to him in unison. I gently lifted his head and watch him as he slowly opened his eyes. He’s blinking his vision clear, about to be conscious. I immediately put his hand down when I realized that I was holding and squeezing it. “Don’t worry. I…uhm… we’re here. All will be well.”
I shot a look at the two girls when I heard them suppressing a giggle. I turned to Lance who tried to speak. But what we heard were like whispers, because his voice was raspy.
He tried to get up, and so I stood up and took a step away. He was staggering, and before he could fall, I caught him through his arm and helped him to be still.
“Jeesh…” he muttered, shaking his head. “My hea’ ‘urts.”
“What’s your home add? We’ll gonna take you there.”
“Don’… take meee…home… pleeaaasssse. Just tke meee. Anywhere.”
After several minutes of debating, I was tasked to bring him home and let him slept in my bedroom. I pretended not to be pleased with it, but deep inside my heart went somersault at the thought of having Lance inside my bedroom.
I won the right to take him home because the girls said their parents might kill them if they’ll bring home a guy. And not just simply a guy, but a drunk guy. I actually didn’t really know if my mom would approve it, and so I decided to call her.
I reached for my pocket and retrieved my phone. I speed dial her number, and it went several ring before she finally answered it.
“Hello. What was it, hon?” I heard mom at the other end yawning. I was afraid she’d let down my deal. She’s usually not in good mood when woken up. Well, we all do.
“Uhm, mom. It’s just that…” I paused and hesitated if I should continue. I looked at the girls who were trying to boost my braveness, saying something that sounds like You can do it.
“Uhm. My friends here was ah… drunk. And he needs a home to sleep with.” I finally said.
“You’re drinking?”
“Oh no no no, of course I did not.” I defended. “Mom, please?”
“Okay! Just make sure everything would be well.” She said and I sighed in relief.
“Can you get us here at CrossingBridge street? Please?” I pleaded.
She sighed. “Okay. I’ll be there in few minutes.”
“Yay! Thanks , mom! Love you. Mwah!”
“ Love you, too, hon. Bye.” She hang up.
After several minutes, we heard a car’s engine roaring, its lights made CrossingBridge glow. It was mom. We sighed in relief. The girls helped me to put Lance inside the car. Then we drove home, living CrossingBridge street isolated, lonely and silent.



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