Part 5: Abandoned Guard House

Friday, November 12, 2010

By: JoshX
I'm a happily married bisexual guy with a daughter and a son. My fondness in writing is a means of an escape to a wonderful and colorful world of bisexual men.

It was an abandoned guardhouse. A part of a subdivision entrance that was left unfinished. Harold told me to keep distance and let him enter first. I stop by the access ramp pretending that I’m waiting for a taxi.

I saw him looking around and when he was sure that nobody is around except the two of us, he quickly entered the guardhouse. I feel nervous. My heart begins to drum on my ribcage as I followed him. I was about to enter when I was struck by the headlights of an approaching car. Instead of entering I walk a little away acting as if I’m an ordinary pedestrian.

I hesitantly want to run away and leave Harold to ease myself of the shiver and fright that I feel. I was about to listen to myself when I felt him hold my right hand and put it on top of his hardening crotch.

“Come with me,” He said. His inviting voice is tempting and hard to resist.

I feel his hardness in my right palm. I was like under his spell when I followed him inside the guardhouse.
The guardhouse was without roof and divided into two, the faint lightness of the moon illuminating it. A part of which has open windows and another with only a door that I guess was designed to be restroom for the guards. It was, were we enter to do ‘it’.

The room was smell of fresh grass and rotten wood. The walls are rough laden with moss and algae. I heard chirping of the cicadas and other insects outside that never help in lessening the fear, panic and don’t know what feeling that my body gives in. What if in the middle of doing it somebody came from outside?

Harold rests his back flat on the wall. He gave me the most seductive look that made me feel again under his trance, needle like heat penetrating from my soles up to my body feeling the heat rising overcoming my senses.

I came face to face with him, the scent of cool water and his fresh breath lingers on my face intensifies the heat inside of me. My crotch is automatically rising giving in to the heat.

Harold looks at me and we both hugged each other under the faint lightness from the moon. I was already captivated by Harold’s charm that when he gave me a kiss on the lips I involuntarily open my lips and accepted his roving tongue biting lightly. It was a lustful kiss. We parted I running for breath.

“Bite me,” Harold ordered as he point to his left nipple after rolling up his tight fitting white shirt.

I followed him, giving a light kiss at first. When he let go of a hoarse moan, I was more excited. I bit his nipple alternately sucking with the ring surrounding it that made him chant illicit words, words that instinctively go out in times of deep ecstasy. I felt the heat from his body radiating through me. I know how hard he is now so I let go of his nipple and work on his maroon cargo pants.

A mixed of fear and excitement went all over me as I unbutton Harold’s pants. My fingers began to shake when I move his zippers down revealing a hardened manhood trying to escape from white briefs with red waistband branded Bench Body.

I knelt before him, his briefs right in front of my face. As I looked up I could see his throbbing manhood, a part of his flat abdomen, his chin, the well chiseled nose and his eyes begging for me to ease him. I pull down his cargo pants carelessly letting it fall on the floor. The faint lightness striking his well shaped legs and abdomen. Slowly I pulled his briefs down until I saw the head of his manhood went out of the waistband. I saw him closed his eyes as I kissed his head moistening it with my lips.

He moans.

His manhood grows much harder responding to my moist and heated mouth. Then I pulled his Bench brief down. His manhood is huge as it goes out in the air still its head inside my mouth. Instinctively I hold its trunk with my right palm, my left hand holding his balls caressing it tenderly.

Again, he moans with pleasure.

He was really huge base on the way I hold its trunk on my palm and I’m holding only less than half of it. I can’t even swallow all of it. It might have been around nine inches long and an inch and a half in diameter. Such a big dick.

I sucked him as much as I could while looking at his face. I want to see the satisfaction on his face that adds up to the excitement I feel. Then I let my tongue probe every contour of its head and trunk. Probing and licking moistening the body of it that now came to its maximum size where nerves where full of blood and taking shape on the trunk.

I enjoyed looking at him; his eyes closed savoring the sweetness of what I’m doing. He let go a startled cry of pleasure when I begin to swallow his balls, slowly licking, sucking like a lollipop.

Then I guess he was ready so I go back to his dick swallowing as far as I could gently and slowly until he moves himself pliant responding to the move my mouth makes. Slowly he moves in and out of my mouth, my left hand pressing his behind while my right hand holding the trunk. The slow movement becomes fast and faster. His hands are now holding my head. Each thrust I let my mouth to grip tighter.

Faster and tighter.

He moans again simultaneously releasing his load inside my mouth. I stop waiting for everything is released. Then when the last drop was freed, I let go of his manhood then spit out his load on the ground. I don’t eat load.

Just like my other sexcapade, the only thing I knew of this man was his name is Harold and he’s got a huge dick.

Before we parted ways, he asked me my cellular phone number but I only smiled at him. With that he just told me that he’ll wait for me after two days at the waiting shade from which I nodded.

Of course I nodded to end things between us. This is all about sex. No commitments. No strings attached.

I looked at my watch and it was already quarter to two o’clock in the morning. Time to go home. It's already Sunday.


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