Part 2 : Cubicle

Friday, November 12, 2010

By: JoshX
I'm a happily married bisexual guy with a daughter and a son. My fondness in writing is a means of an escape to a wonderful and colorful world of bisexual men.

He held my throbbing cock with his hand. His palm is so hot that radiates to my cock and added to the heat I feel. He keeps on stroking and stroking until I decided to unzip my shorts, put down my tanga brief and let go of my cock freely outside. Our reflection in the mirror turns me on. I love watching ourselves while he’s giving me a hand job. It was like an X-rated film. His stroking of my cock makes it harder and harder while he lingers kisses on my right nipple. I was about to come when we hear footsteps approaching the door. Hurriedly he let go of my manhood then kept a safe distance from me. I already rezip my shorts when the door opens and an old man came in with a stick on one hand supporting him while walking.

I still feel feverish and cock is still hard as rock inside my short pants. Three other men came in that made me leave the room. It took a couple of minutes before my body cools down and my cock drop dead.

The guy is still inside the comfort room. He went out when the janitor came in to clean and mop the floor. He saw me standing at the hallway and instead of taking a seat he stand a couple of feet away in front of me. Again blood accelerates in my nerves going to my cock like electrical pulses waking a dead person.

I saw the janitor went out of the comfort room and passed beside me going out of the theater. When he's gone, the guy blink an eye on me as if saying, "Follow me. We'll do it now."

I followed him to the rest room. As the door closes behind me, the guy took my left hand and guided me to the farthest cubicle. We closed the gray wooden louver door and let him self seated with his feet in the toilet bowl and I standing with my bulge right in front of his face. People outside will only assume that I'm alone and taking a pee inside with that position.

We only have a few seconds to do it or a minute before the janitor or the guards will do a routine check inside.


Quick sex.

He unzip my pants and pull down my brief letting go my cock freely and hard as rock in the air. With his lips, he lingers kisses on the head of cock. Each kisses leaving trail of heat making cock harder than before and heating my whole body. Then he opens his mouth and gently swallows my cock. With a gentle beating, he let my cock slides in and out of his heated mouth. Each movement, I feel his tongue bumping on the head of my cock while his hands freely squeezing my behind. What started as a gentle beating becomes fast, harsh, rough and possessive.

Then faster.

And faster.

Making me instinctively move with the rhythm until I’ve got the feeling that it will come out. I hold his head with my hand then I moan out loud simultaneously bursting my load inside his mouth.

We lasted in that position for a few seconds, his mouth still sucking my cock savoring the load until the last drop and me tasting the sweetness of this lustful escapade.

Then it’s over. Without a word, without introductions, without even knowing even our names, he’s gone out. But of course that’s only natural since everything is all about sex, no commitments, no attachments and no strings attached.

It’s a way of life. The life I choose to live with. The life that would make me happy. The life of a gay man, a straight looking man.

Fifteen minutes later, I was outside the mall in a waiting shade looking for a taxi. It was already ten minutes before midnight. The street is already empty with people aside from the passengers of buses and jeepneys passing by.

A well built guy wearing a tight fitting shirt and cargo short pants pass by. I looked at him when he was a few steps away from me. He was the gym-goer type of man with his body, arms and legs were sculpted features. I was slightly embarrassed when he looked back at me then forced a smile on his face revealing white teeth. I smiled back at him. I thought he would go away directly but I was wrong when I saw him go towards one column of the waiting shade as if to take a pee. He unbuttons his pants and took out his manhood. I inquisitively stare at him longer just to know if he was into something else. I was right because when he looked at my eyes again, he turn himself towards me revealing his huge cock…


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