Part 1: Comfort Room

Friday, November 12, 2010

By: JoshX
I'm a happily married bisexual guy with a daughter and a son. My fondness in writing is a means of an escape to a wonderful and colorful world of bisexual men.

The weekly report came out of the printer. I picked it up and sign above my name below the document together with the names of my immediate superiors. It was already 4:57PM on the lower right corner of the computer LCD screen. I went out of the office after turning off the PC and the lights. I proceeded directly to the VP's office to submit my weekly report due for Monday morning. The hallway is so silent during Saturday afternoon since most of the employees already went home after 12:00 noon.

Another week has passed and now it's Saturday. Time to relax. Time to go out. Malling, barhopping or going to beauty and wellness salon as options to unwind and be happy.

Two hours later, I came inside my favorite movie house. Watching movies is one of my favorite past time. My intention of coming here on my first few visits is to watch the film being shown but not until someone taught me more than just sheer enjoyment...

I stand beside the wall a few steps from the entrance door just to make myself more accustom to the darkness. Each second I saw darkness gradually fades and the multicolor light coming from the big screen illuminates the room.

It was really cold inside. The air conditioner might have been set to higher setting. The coldness is more than enough for the few people watching the film and almost half of them are standing on the hallway and at the back of the last seats even there are a lot of vacant seats. It was a scenario that made me wonder before until I got the idea sometime later.

I took the nearest vacant seat and focus myself on the screen where the feature presentation is about to begin. The coldness makes me shiver and I feel goose bumps appearing on my arms and shoulders. I should have brought a jacket that I could wear over my slight fit pink shirt with black tribal prints and the flesh colored cotton zip fly shorts with length above the knee. The cold air is also penetrating my soles since I'm only wearing my favorite leather sandals.

I enjoyed every part of the movie casted by Dermot Mulroney. Few minutes later, a guy past by in front of me and sat two vacant seats away from where I was seated. I don't have the intention of looking at him until I felt his presence the way he looks at me. I'm sure he was tall due to his knees almost touched the seat in front of him and his shoulders are higher than the chairs backrest. He's wearing a bull cap, tee-shirt and shorts but I'm not sure about the color. I looked at him but maybe embarrassed, he turns his gaze towards the movie screen with his hands together on his lap.

I gave a mysterious smile and return my focus on the movie. I'll just have to wait and see if he'll come first. Hopefully.

Neither I nor he made the first move but he stayed on his seat. Maybe I was wrong, maybe he's straight.
During the movies end credits I decided to go to the comfort room. Around seven men were inside, three are on the urinals taking a pee at the same time, another one on the enclosed toilet bowl with the door open, two in front of the mirror by the lavatory and another just standing beside the wall. Most of them looked at me the instant I entered the door. Another scenario that I got used to.

I went directly to another vacant cubicle then shut the door behind me. While taking a pee I heard the opening of the door and the footsteps of men outside going out of the room. I saw the janitor/cleaner mopping the floor and the rest are gone. Another usual scenario, I smile on the thought of it.

I went to the lavatory and take a splash of water on my face and wipe it dry with my handkerchief. I was fixing my black cap when a man entered the room. I never looked at him until he was near me holding his handkerchief wiping his face. On his reflection in the mirror I caught his eyes looking directly at my crotch. That was when I realized that he was the same guy who seated himself two vacant seats away from me.
I looked at him. I was right because he was really tall, around five feet and nine inches. He was thin. He was not that handsome but emanating with sex appeal. His tee-shirt is colored red with three black stripes from the neck down to shoulders and his shorts’ white, bull cap is a combination of red and black.

The way he looked at my crotch turns me on. Somehow I feel becoming horny down to my bulge that now gradually having a hard on. I hold my shirt up for him to have a view of dick which now prominently shapes up on the cotton shorts I was wearing. I feel heat rising over me. Lust. Desire.

I saw excitement on his face. He licked his upper lip with his tongue. He glanced at the closed door then waited. When he was sure that nobody is approaching he put his left hand on top of my dick and takes hold of my hardness. I closed my eyes. I love the feeling of being touched. I felt my dick becoming harder, bigger and fuller while he was rubbing and pressing it. When he can’t help the desire any longer he hold up my shirt with his left hand and have his right hand slide from my abdomen down inside my cotton shorts…



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