The Pretenders by Manuel Avenido

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

            to Rodrigo, the Greatest Pretender

                      He stands like a solid edifice
            and walks with a herd of martyrs;
          From his mouth sprung scentless flowers
             of broken promises and prayers
           Clothed in white and in innocence,
                            his eyes a pool of lust and fire;
                        Oh! Beware. Pretender he is –
                  Thou shan’t fall from thy fragile knees!

                       He lives in a golden mansion
                         and shakes thine hand in the street,
                     offers thou his cup of fortune,
                       drowns thou to thy eternal sleep;
                    Thou art lured by his gracious smile
                      nor the silver coins on his palm;
                         Oh! Beware. Pretender he is –
                    Thou shan’t long for his falsehood bliss!

                        He exudes pure magnificence
                  of beauty and perfect romance;
                        Thou hail him in thine dark altar
                    Through the hour of thy madness
                  Embrace his decorated life
                      A fool thou see in the mirror;
                 Oh! Beware. Pretender he is –
                    Thou shan’t wait for his deathly kiss!

                He moves like a sculptured statue
                   but dances like a flower blown
                      Butterflies so tamed and deceived
                of his poisonous nectar juice;
                  Ladies, thou shall not be swindled
                     for he hath a heart same with yours;
               Oh! Beware. Pretender he is –


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