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Friday, August 6, 2010

It so happen that I was tagged in this topic in Facebook. I decided to post this topic as there were many people who responded on this and their opinion simply vary from each other. Each thought reflects a modern Filipino's belief and principles with regards to Love and Lust. It is funny that some have westernized thought while the others have a strong belief on morality and highly influenced by the teachings of Christianity.

In this poll, there is no right and wrong opinion. There is only OPINION and everybody is free to express theirs. 


Fedyl Tumulak i agree with the first statement...lets be more mature nlng gud..Love without Lust can be boring for both parties and relationship..ato lng jud ge lahi ang meaning sa Lust..actualy dghan meaning ang Love with Lust is that way..u can feeL and show your interest to your that you realy in to him/her...u just need to put and use it in a i correct? i? i?.. =)

Agnes Basan ‎@ fedz: kuya! congrats!!! mature na lage kaw now! hahahahah! sip.onon pa man ka dati woi...karun, hmmmppp! makahilak man lang ko..bravo! bravo! bravo!

Archie Barrioquinto Sumalindao physiological neeeeedssss'..

Agan Francis Separable man. Peke ba diay nang rape. That's lust in its purest form. No love whatsoever is involved.

Bryan Canhear ‎@agnes: I can't imagine a life without lust while loving..hahahah

Agnes Basan ‎@ bryan: ur right jud..di na xa mawala in a relationship..lust inflames the love u feel for that person..before man gali nimo xa malove, kay u feel physically attracted sa iya diba? and that is, for me, the first stage of lust...

hay nako.... LOVE and LUST can't go together and never will be....Love is a feeling that originates from God."God is Love" and this feeling always reflect God's will.

LUST on the other hand is a feeling that Satan created to tease mankind and to destroy the holiness of man and woman's union. "SEX is holy and a fruit of love and not LUST"

LUST is fleeting while love is forever.
It is Infatuation and LUST that will always go together because both of these are devised by tempt make his thought dirty.

It is always good to know how to distinguish LOVE, LUST, SEX and INFATUATION and let us not be deceived by the devil's scheme.

LOVE and LUST is separable..coz love and lust is definitely different or it has a great contrast. LOVE will still exist even without lust and LUST will also exist even without love. LUST is a greedy desire to satisfy the flesh and it is not patient, it wants what it wants and at the time it wants it, LOVE on the other hand is from GOD and it is patient (1st cor 13:4), always willing to wait for the right time... If ur lust is driving over u bcoz of the physical attraction for someone then it’s just an INFATUATION involved not a REAL LOVE (INFATUATION -is just love of emotion. Only the emotions are affected. It is more interested in satisfying yourself and your "feelings" than it is in the other person while REAL LOVE though, is love of devotion, both the Emotions and Will are involved. It seeks to give instead of get..Love is about giving and lust is only focused on taking. The best Sex(make love) you can ever have is when you’re both for eachother- giving, not about what you can take. However, although, lust is a natural part of being human but it could still separable from love.

Jayson Patalinghug I would agree to you Dar....I hope the others would learn ti distinguish which is God's plan and which belongs to the devil....this post is a nice opportunity though to share you guys what real love is. Be aware of the devils scheme!

Dar Elaine Ebcas ahehe. thank u for agreeing sir. and your right sad gyud.hmmm. this could probably help someone's mind on what is the real sense of LOVE between lust and GOD to devil (evil). toink:D

Garry Burgonios mao na ako gi hulatan na chubag>! ahha

Agnes Basan Let's face's not that most people have superficial opinions..di naman cguro ibig sabihin na if u agree that they are inseperable would directly mean na u have to go to bed with ur partner kasi love mo xa..lust has broad a way that it involves physical urges and's not evil as others put at it..but simply a drive that human feels becomes evil if u've let it go at the wrong time..

Xyrene Escobido steph:tama jud ka mameh...wel,hnuon i do agree with agnes ke mag.uban man jud na cla duha naa nlang sa inyo mag.uyab kung n.u i.pursue ang lust...:)

Meljer M. Lozano in the present.. many couples separated because of less sexual encounter towards its partner... that what makes the relationship keeps on burning. it is maybe inseparable, but its not very much necessary. when a person feels a great LOVE he can conquer and sacrifice everything even his sexual desire... but we can choose: we can have LUST without LOVE or we can LOVE without LUST or we can LOVE with a LUST... i mean, that would depends on how we craft things out, how we use this thing to work on a relationship. so use them very wisely

Archie Barrioquinto Sumalindao lab lab lab lab lab'... sa laing mga paagi'.. bsta mo.tukar na gani ang "______" sa tawo'.. mao na na'.. walay lab lab'.. bsan walay lab lab basta mo.tukar'.. larga'.. hahahaah

‎@DAR and JAYSON: I agree with both of you.

@AGNES: it doesnt mean that if u kiss ur partner there's a lust. u just giving her/him a sense of comfort, affection and a pleasure on how u really love him/her.

love and lust is separable. lust is a dangerous (evil things) because it causes a man to think with his crotch and throw all reason and logic to the wind. When a man's in lust he doesn't care if he and his partner have anything in common. He's not interested in where she comes from or where she's going. His brain is only focused on using his key to unlock the door to the secret cave. LOve is a total and has a fullest commitment. A commitment that lead into a high stage of putting someone's heart a real sense of happiness even without a so-called SEX. 

Here are a few tips to help you sort things out.
if it's lust:

You're totally focused on her looks and body.

Even before you know her name, you're already fantasizing about what she looks like naked and what it would be like to have sex with her.
You don't care about anything she has to say.
It wouldn't make a difference to you if you never had a conversation with her. Furthermore, you don't bother to return her calls promptly and you can easily go for days without talking to her -- until you get horny again.
You only want to be with her to have sex.
You make excuses not to spend time with her, except for sex. And if she asks you for a favor, you tell her you're too busy. But if you have to be with her and not have sex, she gets on your nerves and you find yourself fantasizing about other women.
She's your booty call.
After you go out trolling for tail with your buddies on Friday night, you then call her at 1 a.m. for some drunken action. Ah, the booty call.
You leave after sex.
After having sex with her, you look for the easiest way to leave. No cuddling, no breakfast the next morning, just "I gotta go."
It's love if:
You have great chemistry.
You get lost in your conversations, and the hours pass like minutes. You're more than willing to listen to her when she talks about her day. The chemistry between you is remarkable.
You find her beautiful.
Even if you catch her with no makeup on and her hair pulled back while she's unclogging a toilet, she still looks beautiful to you.
You want to spend time with her.
All you want to do is to be with her, whether you're having sex or not. Even if she tells you that sex will have to wait, you don't care.
You see a future together.
You experience the strange feeling that your life would be totally empty without her. You tell your friends and family that she may be The One, and you're even thinking about marrying her.
You introduce her to your family.
It becomes very important to you that your parents like her, and that she gets along with everyone close to you.
You include her in all your plans.
Whether you're going out with your male friends or taking your dog for a walk, you want her there with you. And if she's not there, you can't get her off your mind and sneak off to give her a quick "I miss you" phone call. Of course, you don't tell your buddies.
You are more romantic.
All of a sudden you find yourself listening to cheesy romantic songs and thinking of her. You send her flowers and love notes or a letter/blog about how u really care and love her very much to work and set up romantic evenings candlelit dinners at home.
You always take her side.
If someone says anything even slightly disparaging about her, you immediately rise to her defense. Furthermore, in social gatherings, you always agree with her even if you disagree behind closed doors.
She makes you want to be a better man.
She challenges and motivates you. She makes you happy, and you'd do anything to make her happy.
Even though the two (love and lust) sometimes masquerade as each other, you should be able to tell the difference.


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