From A Borrowed Night

Thursday, May 27, 2010

By Christian Ray Licen

I cannot be as sweet as your smile tonight,
What will be left among the sugar-coated milky stars?
I cannot just speak with your lips drenched in silence;
Words have their reservation too.
I cannot just hold your calloused hands;
They too had built castles from the earth’s mouth.
Do you remember my litany of prayers?
Sort out your soiled clothes,
Do the laundry.
Make the bed-
Tidy the room; they were ripples
to your almost deafening ears.
When the roosters crowed, you were still
in Mango from an inebriated wanderlust.
You were one with the rain of excuses
And came back without a face but only soaked guilt!
Then I dried you back to sanity
There in your room where the clothesline of fiction
is hung with reality. No sun to dry it up.
I soon retired to the bed of oblivion.
After a long day’s toil-
The night was cold; the winds were harsh
And the moon was impaled and cowered by time
Until every second dripped a trickle of bloody tears-
I knew there was ‘us’
Because your dreams conspired mine.
Tonight, looking at your eyes gathering star dusts
There is only you and me
designed by grace
returned back to the universe
by Love and Forever.


heraldu May 27, 2010 at 8:45 PM  

seldom would i find poetic people. but if nlove, there's no escape but to be poetic :)

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